Big Brother 8 begins

So it’s started. I am now officially a TV widower for the next how-ever-many weeks it goes on for!

Lets see the housemates into the house, LIVE! (Well its live for me, you’ll see it afterwards)

The Twins – annoyingly squeaky

Twins “giggles OMG”

Lesley – Opinionated Feminist, possible lesbian?

Twins “Hello, we’re twins”
Lesley “No? its uncanny!”

Charley – Booty-shaking, Footballers wife wannabe, fake R’n’B styleee.

Twins “giggles Have you seeen the pink-ness?”
Charley “OMG twins, thats amazing!”

Tracey – Crazy Rave Bird, didnt understand 1/2 the words she said. Possible lesbian. Probably drug-addled.

Tracey – “Unlucky Kentucky!”

Chanelle – Yorkshire bird, sorry about the Posh Spice thing, seems a bit up herself. Too early to tell?

Chanelle “pouts”

Shabnam – Likes to read on the toilet, possible eating disorder. Delusion of looking like Danni minogue.

Shabnam “Youre the twins! I was in an audition with 2 twins, but youre not them”
Twins “squeaks”

Emily – Ritch bitch/Posh totty. Are you Peaches Geldof? Parrot green eye-shadow? No thanks!

Emily “there’s a new music sweeping the land. Indie music”
Me “Errr, didnt we always have Indie since the 90’s?”
Paul “Errr, yeah!”

Laura – Loves cooking, food makes her happy, enjoys playing minesweeper (stealing drinks) Funniest housemate so far!

Laura “My friends call me wangers”

Nicky – Catholic Indian, smokes, drinks, doesnt want men near her. Possible lesbainian. Dont mention Poppadums.

Nicky “Sorry, hello, sorry”

Carole – Militant activist, unemployed health worker, has a goatee. Bi-sexual, possible lez.

Carole “Are you two twins? Oh, this is gonna be fun”
Twins “giggles”

And that is that, no men in the house.
We are promised one on Friday! ONE!

Its a blooming good job I dont watch this rubbish!

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