Potato Buckets pt2

The buried treasure revealed. I dug up one of the buckets yesterday.

Potato Buckets 0010

I planted these on March 10th this year, and as experiments go, I’m pretty pleased with it.

If I do it again next year I’ll put one or maybe two seed potatos in each, I think it was a bit cramped with three. As you can see, there are quite a few tiny ones that would have probably grown better with more space. Though now I have the allotment I may just stick to doing them up there.

I’ll leave the other bucket a couple more weeks.

2 Responses to Potato Buckets pt2

  1. Michael says:

    Are we having hash browns for breakie this weekend? What time shall I stop by? I’ll bring the Mimosa’s….or do you prefere Bloody Mary’s?

  2. andy says:

    I’m an early riser 😉 so dont arrive expecting brunch!

    Do you mind if we have Bucks Fizz instead?

    This is England, after all 🙂

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