Mum knows all your secrets #001

Or, embarrassing childhood things that Mum likes to remind me of

Or, I’ll get you back one day, probably in front of your boyfriend!


Mum – “Do you remember, you used to mope around in your room listening to that dirge music?”

I was a fan of The Smiths at the time. I’ll admit I did a fair amount of moping around, secretly smiling inside when ever Mum said “turn that dirge off!” I never went too far and adopted the flowery shirts, hearing aid and thick glasses though!

Mum – “Do you remember when we were on that Bus and you threw your shoes out of the window?”

No! I was about 4, I dont remember that far back 🙄 Of course, I do know the story of how we got off the bus at the next stop and went back to look for them, un-successfully.

Mum – “Do you remember, when I had to go up in front of the School Governors because you were truanting?”

In fact, I didnt remember this. I do remember that I “opted out” of Geography lessons for a whole year because I so despised the teacher. In fact, even 20 years later, I still have a very fond piece of hatred for him. Mr Banner, in case you were asking 🙂

I’ll spare us all any more of these just now, I’m sure I’ll the strength to write more soon!

To be continued…….

One Response to Mum knows all your secrets #001

  1. Laquet says:

    My mum always bangs on in front of everyone about the geography teacher that we all had a crush on … so not my type now!

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