Put that out!

You may or may not know that England goes smoke free on July 1st 2007. It should come as no surprise really, the tide has deffo turned against the smoker and we are just catching up with other European countries.

You may also know that I myself stopped smoking on the 25th july 2005, so for me that is almost 2 smoke-free years.

And I did it Cold Turkey, baby!!

If however, you dont have will-power like me, you could try the excellent Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking *

I actually read this book after a I stopped smoking but I found it summed up everything I had already realised for myself. In fact, its the book I would have written 🙂

*For the frugally minded amongst you, though how frugal you can be when spending a small fortune on smokes, I am reliably informed that an electronical version of this book is to be found on emule/edonkey/torrent sites.

One Response to Put that out!

  1. Brimful of ash….

    Not really a Post, more of a Question.
    What happens to the millions of Pub ash-trays that are now redundant?
    I hope they are not all heading for landfill sites. I hope to see some interesting and innovate uses in the News or more likely on ebay!

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