More fave photo’s and some Closure

Ultimate catharsis alert, please indulge me or turn away now, your choice 🙂

I’ve mentioned Chris before on my blog, if you havent learned already, he was me best friend at Secondary (High) Shool

1. Who was your best friend?

Chris Salt. We met on the first day of Secondary School when we sat next to each other in our first class. We became pretty much inseparable throughout the 5 years of School. In the 5th year we started to drift apart as our interest in girls (and boys) developed. In the 20 years since I left School, I’ve seen him maybe 3 times and spoke to him less than than that. I used to feel sad about this but now I just hope that, wherever he is, he is happy.

and then I said

I mentioned Chris in a previous post. Something I didnt mention then was how I had something between hero worship and a crush on him. So, it was quite a big deal, going to the “Theatre” getting on the train and going to the Big City and all……..

So here I am again, posting some stuff about Chris. Dont get me wrong, I’m not hankering for the past, what might have beens, that sort of thing. It just always bothered me how its so easy to throw away a great friendship, just because of a few narrow-minded comments by others. Now, with the benefit of hindsight, I can look back and make sense of things that have confused me for years.

So, after a few years of wondering, I recently found this on Friends Reunited, it answers a few questions and totally makes me happy.

What I’m doing now…

Hometown:Haitaitai, Wellington, New Zealand
Relationship status:Living with someone
Worklife:Working – happy where I am. Capital & Coast DHB, Nuclear Medicine Tech
Currently living in New Zealand. I work in Wellington Hospital Nuclear Medicine. Living the dream.

Like I said before, wanted to know that things had turned out well for Chris and now I know.

I suppose I’m quite envious now, after visiting New Zealand last year I am so longing to go back again. I am pleased to see that Chris is happy and is with someone, I truly hope that it is going well.

I started writing a whole load of other stuff here and then thought better of it and deleted it all. Lets just say I’m over all the stuff that made me angry at the time. The way our long friendship was severed was hurtful and unfair but that was that and Chris must have needed that level of finality to close off his feelings. I dont blame him for that any more.

So its closure of sorts and can stop wondering (and posting about it!)

Instead here are some photos from happy times.

Chris and Andy

Me and Chris clowning for the camera. This was taken in my Mum’s front room around 1985 ish. We used to leave school at lunchtime and get up to all sorts of stuff.

For the last 3 years of school, I had to take a £3 cheque every week to buy dinner tickets. This was a result of the infamous DM scandal.

Spending many lunch breaks over the wall in the cricket score box, smoking and on some occasions, poooing!***

Spending many lunch breaks at Chris’s house stealing his Mum’s Berkley Red fags.

Nicking bottles off the wagon delivering beer to the Concertina club in Mexborough, then getting questioned over smelling of booze in school.

I could go on but hey, who’s listening?

Chris and Jason on Bunks

This picture was taken on the Ferry to (I think) Ostend, we got diverted from the original destination which was Zeebrugee**. We were on a School trip to Germany and we were supposed to be upstairs on recliners but had gone exploring and found these "free" bunks. Chris and Jason are just about to be booted out of the bunks by the random bloke in the corner. Anyone would think we were causing a disturbance!

Happy Days!

* a very 80’s phrase, sorry about that.

** Sketchy memory of something to do with the “Herald of Free Enterprise” I also may be mixing up my timelines though, its a long while ago. Somewhere, I do have a photo of us boarding sister ship the “Spirit of Free Enterprise.”

***Chris was the first person I saw do a poo.

2 Responses to More fave photo’s and some Closure

  1. Boudica says:

    The unfairness of these things is all the more painful, as we have the same childhood feelings bundled up with them. It’s nice that you’ve come to some sort of understanding and have resolved it a little for yourself. Growing up is brutal in places but without that kind of shake up, you wouldn’t be who you are today. x

  2. Richard says:

    I also went on that trip to Germany, I remember we went on the now defunct “Sally Lines”. I didn’t realise the ferry had cabins. I was wondering about Chris, and I was recently contacted by Louise Highton, Chris’ childhood next-door neighbour. She mentioned Chris was in nuclear medicine, living in New Zealand, which led me to do a search and is how I found this blog. I also remember the Michael you mention, and often wondered how he’s getting on.

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