The Cadaver Calculator – How Much is Your Body Worth?

This is quite dark, but hey, lets have a go!

$4100.00The Cadaver Calculator – Find out how much your body is worth

A bit disapointing really, thats only about £2000, though that hernia I had when I was about 10 years old has finally paid off, the calculator really shot up when I mentioned that!

I’ve always been fond of the word “cadaver” Its a fairly unusual word here in the UK, more commonly used in the USA. I first came across it in a novel called The Number Of The Beast by Robert A. Heinlein. In the way that precocious youths do, I would delight in slipping cadavers into casual conversation, not as hard as it sounds when the other new word I was using at the time was “eviscerate” I’m sure you can imagine the fun I had with those two!

3 Responses to The Cadaver Calculator – How Much is Your Body Worth?

  1. jonathan says:

    Oh, mine was only worth $3840!

    I think it was the smoking that it lowered the value of my cadaver quite considerably! 😦

  2. Sharon says:

    ooooooo I’m worth $5490!

    Is that because there’s a lot of me to go around ? X:)

  3. Ms Mac says:

    Hah! I made it to $5925, I think because I had my appendix out. They didn’t ask me about my gall bladder so I think I may be worth even more…..

    If we die, between us, our spouses could buy themselves a cute wee hatchback!

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