Yes Sir, I can Bogie…

I *almost* lost a bogie today.

At the end of a mid-morning toilet break today, I felt the need to have a good blow. Working in an air-conditioned office is all well and good but I find it does dry out the old nasal passages, often resulting in over-hardened bogies. This may be just me, but I like to think its not, I mean, my nose works just the same as everyone elses. Right?

I must have just reached that annoying stage where you become aware of a big bogie. You know that feeling, part of the snot-mass has become detached from the nasal wall and is flapping back and forth as you breathe in and out.

So, after finishing my other business, I grabbed a tissue and had a good blow. So far so good, tissue crumpled up and thrown in the waste bin and I’m on my way back into the office.

Thats when the nagging doubt started. Did I catch the booger? Flashback to the scene, did I see the ejected snot or not? NOT!

A quick about-turn and I’m back in the toilets, facing my reflection in the mirror.

Oh the horror, I’m cringing now as I recount this tale!

There it is, a large vein-ridden snot lump, sitting pretty on the collar of my shirt!

That was my day, how was yours?

4 Responses to Yes Sir, I can Bogie…

  1. Laquet says:

    LMAO! Mine was just fine and dandy compared to that :o)

  2. Michael says:

    Oh no, well at least you didn’t have spinach in your teeth as well!

  3. Antipodeesse says:

    Well you have added a certain piquancy to my lunch and I thank you for that!

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