The beet goes on.

I do hope you’ll forgive the turn this blog is taking of late, you see I have another toilet related post for you today 🙂

During a mid-afternoon toilet break today (deja vu anyone?) I had quite a shock.

Looking down at the stream passing into the bowl, I noticed it was a little off colour. OMG, I thought as I noted that the contents of the bowl were slowly turning a browny-red colour. Browny-red, of course being another word for diluted blood red, I began to panic.

OMG, omg, omg!

All sorts of strange things started popping into my mind, like this…..

Have my kidneys packed in from too much booze? Posssible

Have I eaten something sharp by mistake, maybe small pieces of metal or glass in contaminated food? Unlikely

Am I bleeding internally and should I try doing a number two to test this theory? Eeeuuuw!

Will I be able to get a Doctors appointment or need to queue at hospital for hours? Queuing sounds most likely

What will Paul say? No idea

Somewhere around the handwashing point, I start to focus and think more rationally….

Do I feel unwell? No

Isn’t there something about dark blood in urine being from the stomach? Probably, brighter red is bladder/further down, not sure though

Should knowing something like that make me panic less? Probably not

Didn’t that colour look a little like the water after you boiled the beetroot this morning? Eeeerrr, yes

What about food? Yeah, thats it food!

So that got me thinking, you see I did have a lot of Beetroot on my sandwiches at lunch. Except I’ve eaten lots of Beetroot before and never had this reaction. I checked a few websites that seemed to de-bunk the Beetroot/Urine connection.

Then I found this…..

Beeturia (Pink Pee)

Be aware that ingestion of beetroot can colour urine red and also discolour stools, causing the unwary to hot-foot it to their GP for urgent tests. The pinkness of your pee depends on the acidity of your stomach; some people don’t see pink pee afterwards and some do (approximately 10 – 14%). If you don’t see pink pee then your stomach is at the strongly acidic end of the normal range – if you do see pink pee then your stomach is at the less acidic end of normal, and the colour hasn’t been broken down on the way through your gut.

Beeturia is a harmless occurrence and you do not have to exclude beetroot from your diet if you are affected by it. If you don’t normally have pink-stained pee after consuming beetroot, you might like to try an experiment. Try taking some antacid tablets, then eat beetroot. Remember to look at what you’re doing the next time you visit the toilet. That should satisfy your curiosity.

Good old BBC!

I had indeed taken a Ranitidine tablet just after lunch. I suffer with Heartburn a lot and always carry some tablets, I decided a long time ago that life is too short to not eat any of my trigger foods*. So I’d popped a pill knowing that the Cheese on the sandwiches would give me heartburn.

So, it seems I’m going to live and will be able to continue enjoying the beautiful Beetroot, which btw are ones I grew myself in my own garden 🙂

*there are so many and mostly things I enjoy, like Bacon, Eggs, Sausages, Cheese and Butter (a meal in itself) and then some things I dont mind avoiding because I dont like them anyway like Pastry, Batter and Cider!

One Response to The beet goes on.

  1. Laquet says:

    Lol! I remember once changing a babies nappy (my eldest nephew – it was the first time I’d baby sat for him) and it was pink after beetroot. I shouted through to my mum “Quick, I think I’ve broken him!”

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