Gay season.

So, Channel 4 are doing this Gay season thing at the moment and all power to them, the programmes look really good.

But, and you guessed it, there is a but, I find the tagline just a bit annoying and quite offensive.

It says, “….celebrating 40 years since the legalisation of homosexuality….”

This annoys me because it implies that like, since the beginning of time until 40 years ago, it was illegal to be a gay. This is plainly bollocks, the legal (or illegal) thing was invented by us, or more precisely (some of) you.

I think this should say “…. celebrating 40 since the de-criminalisation of homosexuality…..”

After all, you criminalised us! Prior to that, we were doing fine thanks.

I know its just a little difference but its a big difference (does that make sense?) and it’s really got my grump!!

2 Responses to Gay season.

  1. Laquet says:

    Go Andy, go Andy, go Andy go, go GO!!!!

  2. […] mentioned about Channel 4 doing a short series of programmes marking the 40th anniversary of the partial […]

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