Word association

Studio 60 is on the TV.

A song is playing, like this “Hey, I put my new shoes on and…”

I say to Paul “oooh its….”

Paul looks at me.

I try again “You know, the…”

My mind has gone blank and so has Paul’s face.

“You know, the gravy boy, eerrm…….” I trail off.

Paul loses interest and goes back to the show.

I worry at my brain, just like I worry a piece of Lamb caught in a molar, until the connection happens.

Gravy. Bovril. Comes in a jar. Brown stuff in a jar, Nuttella!

Paolo Nutini 🙂

The thanks for this odd word association being in my brain must surely go to Ms.Mac & Antipo

Damn you!

2 Responses to Word association

  1. Ms Mac says:

    Excellent. Soon we will take over the world!

  2. How very exciting to be damned by you Andy!

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