CSI Sheffield

Visiting the Allotment today, I came across* this disturbing scene.

Something has torn the fingers off my gloves. Its all the more disturbing because these are pretty heavy-duty-rubber-over-cloth jobbies. I tried to rip them myself to see if its easy, and it isnt!

I cant imagine what could have done this, though I’ve seen foxes up there before so thats a possiblility.

Perhaps the biggest question is “why”

Allotment 120

*Ok, I admit I rearranged the scene slightly for the photo, I mean come on, its not really CSI!

3 Responses to CSI Sheffield

  1. Ms Mac says:

    I’m all disappointed now. I really thought I was going to be able to tune into CSI: Andy’s Allotment.

  2. Michael says:

    Wow, how convenient that it happened right over the tarp area that had the lines already drawn!

    Looks like it was maybe a weedwacker or something with a blade on it, those are pretty clean cuts for an animal.

    Those darn city farmers!

  3. Karl says:

    If there’s no ransome note for your prize cucumber (so to speak) then I suppose it’s someone having a ‘laugh’? K.

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