Staring at the blank page before me

I’m feeling a bit blocked as far as blogging is concerned, lots has been happening but I havent felt inclined to sit and type about any of it.

I’m hoping that this little non-post will kick-start me, if only due to the novelty of where I’m posting from. On Friday I treated us to a laptop, a great deal came up and since we’ve been thinking about one for a while we decided to take the plunge and buy it. So, I’m currently laid on the bed, tapping out this entry by the magic of wireless networking 🙂

BTW, setting up a wireless modem router was not the breeze it promised on the box!

The main idea is that we can take it away on holiday with us, loaded with music and movies, thus saving us from local TV if we want to stay in of an evening. On our last trip we had a choice of Sky news or FX. The news consisted of hourly updates on the Iran boat crew crisis and FX gave us its daily Nash Bridges & NCIS marathon!

Thats the plan anyway, I’ll let you know how it works out

One Response to Staring at the blank page before me

  1. Michael says:

    Uhm, you got a new computer and you’re blogging….you should be loading that thing up with P*RN!

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