Come on, Lets Fly!

I’m back, tanned, gorgeous and rested, well as rested as I ever am. I swear that sometimes I need a holiday to recover from a holiday!

The trip got off to an interesting start when, 15 minutes into the flight, the Captain made an announcement.

“I’m very sorry to announce” He said, “that we will be returning to Manchester.”

My brother, a nervous flier at the best of times, added a whimper to his usual repertoire.

“There’s nothing to worry about”, the Pilot continued, “the aircraft just isnt performing as I would like.”

A few people around us managed a half-hearted attempt at humour, mostly by reminding everyone that it was the 11th of September. Yeah, we laughed too, NOT!

We circled around for a while, I’m told we were dumping fuel, and then made our approached back into Manchester. Paul cant understand how I managed to sleep for about 10 minutes here, obviously I was thinking I might need to be fresh and alert for my ride on the emergency slide and the dash across the runway!

You know that moment of anticipation as you feel the wheels are just about to touch the ground? I’m sure I heard the sound of a communal intake of breath spreading up the airplane, Mexican wave style, as everyone held their breath.

I thought that pointing out the fire engines at the side of the runway, would offer my Brother some comfort and maybe some distraction. He didnt take it so well saying only, “I’m going home, I’m not getting back on!”

He did get back on, though one couple didnt, and we were back underway within 2 hours.

The holiday itself was great, Palmanova was nice, we were very close to the beach and our hotel was clean and spacious. I have some nice photos, I’ll post some soon.

Just to rub it in, I’ll start the countdown here, its only 25 days to our next one!

3 Responses to Come on, Lets Fly!

  1. Ms Mac says:

    I’m glad you’re back. And in one piece is definitely a bonus. šŸ˜‰

  2. Michael says:

    glad you’re back, now where are those pictures!

  3. Lesley says:

    That happened to me once in Brussels. There was a big storm and they told us that the windscreen wipers weren’t working. One man really panicked and while we were waiting on the ground told the air hostess that he didn’t think that we should attempt to take off again because the weather was so bad! It’s not for me, he said, it’s for my wife.

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