When I’m Cleaning Windows.

Computers are meant to make life easier, but somehow it doesn’t always work out that way.

Take my desktop machine for example, a couple of weeks ago it started being quite annoying. Firstly some programs refused to load, any attempt to open them would cause a blue screen error that shut the PC down completely. The programs seem quite innocuous and unconnected, a webcam thingy, a video editing thing and a Sega Megadrive emulator. There may be a connection in the way they all access some video hardware or something but I’m just guessing.

Anyway, a few days later and Quicktime movies stop working and similar crashes occur when you try. Actually that video connection seems stronger now. I’ve tried the System Restore feature of Windows but it wont go back very far, probably due to the drive letter and partition changes I made a few days before.

At this stage I’m beginning to think that a clean install of Windows may be in order. The problem with this is that the drive that Windows is installed on is more than half full of various movies, music and other downloaded detritus.

The machine actually has 4 200gb hard drives installed and they are all getting close to full! Where did all that stuff come from? Actually, that’s a rhetorical question since I know exactly where it came form. There are 2 of us using the machine and both download lots of “Art” films from the Internet, I’m also a voracious gatherer of tunes, so really 700gb isn’t a lot really šŸ™‚

Whatever the reason, the fact is its going to take some fancy juggling to get everything off the C: drive before I can restore Windows.

Can you believe that I actually woke up at 4am one morning last week and spent an hour thinking about this? That’s right! I was on holiday thousands of miles away from the machine and I woke up and couldn’t sleep until I had a plan.

What a geek!

So, I have a plan and now just need the time to do the juggling, to back up the most important stuff and then go for it. Afterwards of course I’ll need to re-install all the programs I use, Nero, Winamp, etc etc. So that’s going to be my Sunday I suppose.

In theory, I should still have access to the Internet through the Laptop, since the router will remain connected independent of the desktop machine. Well that’s the theory anyway, If I disappear for a few days that will be why. However, given the frequency of my blog posts recently you may not even notice.

Fingers crossed.

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