Been scammed?

The company I work for started using this “holiday pay fund” scheme in April this year. At the time, I was dubious and after Googling around I found some concerns about, if not its legality then certainly the morals of employing it in my case.


Sure enough, as you can see in the picture, barely 6 months later the Government want it stopped.

Now, I know you’re thinking, that this is an unusual thing for me to comment on, but did you spot the real reason?

Yes, that’s right!

A widespread scam* in which employers and staff avoided national insurance on holiday pay is been stopped.

Sheesh! A schoolboy error, or what?

If you go there now, you’ll find it has been fixed, though sadly they havent changed the “last updated” stamp or owned up to the error 🙂

*Scam is the BBC’s word, not mine, please don’t fire me!

One Response to Been scammed?

  1. Laquet says:

    Have you considered a change of career? You’d be fab at proof reading!

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