Thursday Tram Ride

Thursday was one long adventure, really it was, let me tell you a little about it. First of all, we were up really early, instead of 08:00, it was like 06:30! I know! It was like totally dark outside!

This was because we had to take the car in to the Dealer for some work doing. Saab wrote to us back in March, advising of a safety recall and asking us arrange for the work doing asap. Well to my shame I promptly forgot about it and then in August they sent a reminder. Apparently, under extreme conditions our fuel pump may drop off due to a faulty retaining tab. We dropped the car off and then headed towards town looking for a Taxi. Would you believe that we didn’t see a single black cab at all? Except, of course, the one parked 10 yards from the Tram stop!

So we decided on using the Tram, there is a stop a minutes walk from work and it would save a few quid 🙂 Paul got a single ticket for £2.20 and I bought an all-day ticket for £2.70. The journey was made all the more special by the scrote that sat on the seat facing us. He ate, coughed and belched his was through a triple-mega-cheese-mcburger thing with sides of hash-brown. I was amazed by his ability to keep his mouth open, not only while chewing, but while drinking too. That really must have taken some pretty special effort!

Thankfully we got to work without any further upset and it was just a case of waiting for the phone to go and pick up the car.

The call came at 4 and I set off on the reverse journey, armed with the return ticket I had been clever enough to purchase earlier. I remember thinking as I waited for the Tram “At least I wont have to watch anyone eat breakfast this time.”

I got a seat on the Tram and at the next stop a big fat guy sat next to me. Facing me was an old gent and facing my neighbour was a rather large young lady. At the next stop the old gent opposite me got off and would you believe, the guy next to my moved across into his seat. Now I found this very odd, if not a little disturbing. I was even more amazed to see that he was now jigging his leg up and down causing his large thigh to rub against the thigh of his neighbour. Her eyes grew wide as she realised what he was doing and so did mine as I saw that he was clearly enjoying himself. As soon as she realised what he was doing she jumped up and walked away down the tram.  It was surreal really, even now I wonder if its really what I saw!

Eventually I made it back to the car and was so pleased to see it! they had even washed it! That made me happy 🙂

So that was my little adventure on public transport this week, an experience I’ll not be in a rush to repeat. Unless you count the flight to Malaga on Sunday morning 🙂 

3 Responses to Thursday Tram Ride

  1. Laquet says:

    And they wonder why we don’t use public transport more often – perverts, it’s full of the wrong sort of perverts!

  2. Rob7534 says:

    Chewing and belching their way on the train! HA! Too bad you didn’t take any pics.

  3. Michael says:

    Whew, lucky you he was into girls!

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