New and improved?

I was interested to see recently that my preferred* washing powder had downsized. Without warning or reason being given, it is now possible to do the same number of washing using over half a kilo less powder!

How is this possible? Surely some sort of magical breakthrough in detergent technology has been made. Why haven’t we heard about this?

powder 003

They also took the opportunity to replace the boy on the box. The good wholesome, goes outdoors playing football character has been replaced by a lolly eating goody two shoes that keeps his shirt ever so white.

I wonder how you break news like that to a kid?

Please, no comments on the inside of my cupboard, I’ve cleaned it now, its mostly tea-bag splashes, where the boxes are on show is usually where the kitchen bin is kept. 

*Preferred meaning its just what I pick up in Aldi, I have no brand loyalty at all!

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