If you know me at all, you’ll know I’m a naturally curious person, I like to know whats going on around me.

Can you imagine my frustration upon opening this newspaper, only to find this??

 TorremolinosOct2k7 048

I know!

 The worst part is, I still have no clue what it was!!

4 Responses to Frustration

  1. Ms Mac says:

    Oh Andy! I would have scoured the internet until my finger tips were bleeding looking for what was in that bit of the paper!

    Maybe it was about the McCanns giving their first interview…..

  2. Jonathan says:

    Yeah, I’m thinking it was something to do with those awful McCanns!

  3. Michael says:

    Or perhaps there’s some freedom of speech thing going on over there and it’s actually just an advertisment!

  4. Stoksey says:

    It was indeed a newstory related to the McCanns , As it is against the law in Portugal to have anything connected with the case publicised.

    I wouldn’t worry , you probably wouldn’t have bothered to read it anyway……..or would you ?

    Now that’s an interesting topic for debate. x

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