Destination AndyLand

I’ve been considering a change of name for this blog “thing” for a while now. I suppose that using the URL as the title makes it easy to remember how to get here but it doesn’t say much about what you’ll find once you’re here.

The tricky part is choosing a name, something snappy, not too long, nothing pretentious and hopefully something fairly original, not an easy task really!

You name it, I considered it and then decided to leave it as it was, then considered some other title. I’ll not bore you with the discounted possibilities.

 So, I give you “Destination AndyLand”

In AndyLand you can expect to find all the things that irk, delight, annoy, perplex, mystify, uplift, baffle and just possibly some random stuff that makes me think!  Oh, and probably some photos. Oh yeah, and news about our holidays. You get the idea, stuff, stuff and more stuff 🙂

 What do you think?

One Response to Destination AndyLand

  1. Jonathan says:

    I like it!

    AndyLand sounds like such a magical place! 🙂

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