Trick or, eerr trick!

Anyone else been sitting in the dark for the last hour?  Of course you have, its Halloween.

USA you have a lot to answer for, “trick or treat” in this case. WHY!

Of course, its different over here where it just seems to be packs of teenagers, roaming the streets without even having tried to dress up properly. If you do answer the door most of them are really wanting cash, not candy anyway. Not really in the spirit of things in my opinion.

Well, its gone quiet for now so I think its mostly over, I might even venture into the kitchen for another can of Beer 🙂

3 Responses to Trick or, eerr trick!

  1. Jonathan says:

    My bf opened the door to some quite highy-detailed costumed children earlier on and gave them 50p.

    Apparenly, they gave him a look of utter disgust!

    What is the going rate for Trick-or-Treaters these days?!

  2. Karl says:

    Our lights seem to have been mysteriously malfunctioning too. Although I’m sure they’re all cute junior ghouls and ghosties, we are in our nineties and easily intimidated.

  3. Laquet says:

    Simon put up a “no trick or treating sign” … which would explain the damp loo roll on the tree in the front garden yesterday morning!

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