Penny for t’ Guy

I went to a bonfire party last night, great fun, we had lots of fireworks and nice food that the guests brought along. Homemade Chili by Angela’s Mum was particularly good, as was the Chicken liver pate that Rob’s Mum made. I also drank a little too much and was asleep by the time the taxi picked us up!

Not so good news, this morning I couldn’t find my mobile phone, I called it a few times, it rang out and went to voice mail. Then around mid-day it stopped ringing out and just went to voice mail, so I know someone has turned it off. It probably fell out of my pocket in the taxi and the next customer took it. Ah well, the sim is locked and so is the phone so without my code they can’t easily use it. I’ll call and get it blocked by the network tomorrow once I’m sure its not going to turn up at the party house.

Anyway back to the bonfire thing, we arrived a little late and missed the burning of the Guy. I had a little rant about the trick or treat thing earlier, so I suppose I should come clean about our home grown tradition of begging at this time of year.

What happens is this, firstly the kids make an effigy of Guy Fawkes. Usually this entails stuffing an old pair of trousers and a sweater with newspaper, attach a football with a mask for a head, position a pair of old shoes at the feet. Next, take Guy and stand outside local shops asking shoppers for a “penny for the guy.”

Now, back in my day the idea was that the money collected was used to buy fireworks for the communal bonfire that would be organised on that bit of wasteland at the end of the street.

These days I’m afraid this is all lost, the money now surely goes towards crack or skunk or whatever it is kids do these days. So, y’know, sorry USA , it’s not ALL your fault 🙂

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