High hopes fulfilled.

Just before we went on holiday, I put through an order with Be* for superfast broadband. Its what they call a LLU (Local Loop Unbundled) service, basically they have their own equipment in the local BT telephone exchange and can offer much higher speeds than BT.

With a BT based “up to 8meg” product, the best I could hope for was the 2 meg I was already getting, you can see how I felt about this by studying the green face on the chart. 

Be* SpeedTest 

With the new Be* connection promising up to 24meg, I’m getting around 8 meg, you can see how this makes me feel by studying the chart, this time reffering to the yellow face.

I did the speed test very soon after hooking it, the modem currently suggests that it may be syncing a bit faster now, I just cant be bothered to turn off all my downloads to test it at the moment.  

In fact, I may need some new hard drives for christmas, the current 4 x 250Gb are pretty full and now my machine is sucking the entire Internet into itself at an alarming rate!

One Response to High hopes fulfilled.

  1. Bev says:

    Hi there. I’m going to be “Indigo” on December 17 and ask the question(s) of the day. My instructions are to pick of blog of the day and I’ve chosen you. I’d also like to know if you’d like to provide one of the questions of the day for me to ask. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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