Thailand Nov 2007

Not sure how this will work, I’m going to try and blog the holiday as we go along, hopefully I wont censor myself so bear with me if I go off on one! I’ve done this on other holidays, writing on paper, but never typed it up, more of a record for me of what we did and what we saw, I find it helps when looking back at obscure photos and such. This time I’ve brought along the laptop so it makes sense to try to use it. Please forgive any spelling or questionable content, its just that I’m capturing things quickly and don’t know how this will work out. If I’m able to post from Thailand I will, but I’ll probably need to re-visit things, adding photos once I get back home.

Well I’m back and have finished this off, having read through it fully I realise it is probably a lot more interesting to me than it will be to any of you Internet people.  Therefore, I’m putting one of those “click here to continue reading” tags to spare you the full details of my holiday.

Should you choose to continue reading, you’ll probably find this about as interesting as that time you went around to the neighbours house and sat through a slideshow of their holiday photos!

Enjoy (or not!)


Monday 12th

The flights went without incident, 12 hours from Manchester to Singapore, a couple of hours wait in Changi airport and then 1.5 hours flight to Phuket. Our considered opinion is that while the service on Singapore airlines was good, it wasn’t as good as we had on Quantas last year. Having said that, it was about 300% better than we’ve ever had on British Airways.

Films watched…..

Pirates of the Carribbean 3 – Ok, better than 2 but nowhere near as good as 1
Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix – Ok, better than last one, darker and more fun.
Daywatch – WOW, a bit odd in places but great fun and a great premise.
Stardust – Easy watching, a bit twee in places but worth it for the cross dressing Robert DeNiro 🙂

Its just less than a year ago since we were last in Changi airport, coming home from out trip to Oz and it was nice to see the place again and reminisce. Almost as soon as we got off the plane Paul start coughing and spluttering and has declared that he has caught a cold from another passenger via the air- con!

At Phuket airport, I used the ATM, with only a slight panic when the first machine suggested contacting my card issuer, thankfully the second machine as more forthcoming, then we jumped in an airport taxi down to Karon beach. The journey was almost an hour and the car clean and comfortable, well worth the 650 baht fare. Once we had checked in and been conducted to our room by the bellboy, I know get us!, we set about the important task of taking photos before we started unpacking. Its nice to have some pictures of the room and we’ve learned from experience that even after being there an hour you’ll never get it looking as nice as how it was when you first walked in. The room is billed as a deluxe and we haven’t been disappointed. Its quite reminiscent of the Taj West End in Bangalore but without the $300 a night price tag.

We both had a little snooze, we’d been travelling for a whole day, and then I left Paul and popped out for a recce of the local shops.  How many Tailor shops and Massage parlours can one town need? I brought back some supplies, Beer, Vodka and Tonic and we both napped some more.

We finally managed to bring ourselves round for long enough to get cleaned up and go out for dinner. Paul fancied steak and luckily, I’d spotted a steak house just around the corner. I had chicken satay to start and Paul had a prawn cocktail. For mains, I went for a beef in Thai sauce (very hot) with steamed rice and Paul ended up going for the BBQ ribs. It was a nice meal, though at 1400 baht including drinks it was expensive, about £20 Sterling.

We walked a bit further around on the main drag and quickly realised that there a lots of much cheaper places to eat. We’re also noticing that Karon beach seems to be mostly populated by Scandinavian tourists, hearing another UK accent is quite unusual, though this isn’t the problem you might think it is, the lack of Sun reading Brits abroad is quite refreshing.

The next thing to notice is that many of the bars haven’t a lot of clientele, other than the group of ladies sitting near the door. They’re obviously waiting for you to go in and buy them drinks and who knows what else. We walked a little further on and found a bar without the lady companions, though on the way there I had a young lady run her hands down my chest and legs. I just kept walking then turned when I heard Paul shriek in surprise that the same girl, after running her hands down me, had run her hands up him, stopping for a good feel of his equipment along the way! So safe in our little bar we enjoyed a G&T and watched the old guys in the bar across the road chatting up their little Thai companions, its a bit sad really but hey, who am I to judge?

We had just about finished our drinks when I started nodding again, so we headed back to the hotel and fixed a cheeky Vodka and watched a bit of laptop telly before falling asleep.

Mosquito watch – Amazing! Only saw one and only picked up one bite, hope it’s like this all the time. 

Tuesday 13th

I woke early, around 7am, for some reason I always wake earlier on holiday than I do at home! I passed the time drinking tea and reading on the balcony until Paul woke. We planned to go down to breakfast at 9 but Paul needed another “5 minutes” so we went down at 9:40! Paul got himself an omelette but when he saw my Asian breakfast he had to go get some too. I had Thai noodles with prawns and roast beef with paprika sauce.

We went for a little walk, south down the beach and then back up via the road taking in the roadside market. Once we got back to the hotel we settled in for a lounge by the pool. Of course we indulged of the pool bar, 2 x draught Chang beer was 39 baht each, then 46 baht plus taxes. Interestingly, in bottles, 1 x Tiger at 90 baht and 1 x Chang at 90 baht becomes 211 baht plus taxes and service charge. I say interesting because 2 x Tiger on the next round also comes to exactly the same price, don’t ask me how that works!

 Went out in the evening and ventured a bit further up the strip to find somewhere to eat. We chose somewhere a bit more “Thai” and were pleased to see that this also meant more reasonable prices. A large plate of Satay Chicken, Chicken fried rice, Chicken curry and a Prawns with veggies dish were all split between the two of us. All this and a couple of large Chang for 520 baht, about £7.50 🙂

After dinner we found a nice bar, The Little Mermaid,  in the middle of the strip and took a table right against the rail that separated us from the pavement. This was a perfect place for people watching, not to mention fingering passing merchandise being hawked in the street. Paul got himself a very colourful hat, haggled down from 300 to 120 baht. Its funny how once you have one thing on the table, every passing merchant will have a go at selling their wares to you too. Paul adopted the tactic of trying to sell them his new hat for 300 baht, funnily enough they didn’t haggle back 🙂

Mosquito watch – no new bites 🙂

Wednesday 14th

Paul now thinks that the cold he picked up on the flight is actually a chest infection and that is his excuse for sleeping more than me. I was up at 7am reading on the balcony, Paul rose for breakfast at 9.30am, 30mins after I first tried to rouse him.

After breakfast, Egg fried rice and Pork in Mustard, we went for a walk along the beach. Paul still not feeling well so came back to hotel and spent the day around the pool.

In the evening, we went to a resto “My Friends House” right next to the hotel. Paul had half a bbq Chicken with jacket potato and I went for Pork and Veggies with noodles. The food was good and not a bad view either being on the seafront.

After eating, we walked down to the covered market we’d spotted earlier, during our walk on the beachfront. I’d joked that I was sure that it wouldn’t be like Benidorm market, but oddly enough it had its similarities! If only for that fact that as you walk around you find that all the stalls repeat themselves over and over. So follow me through the market, there’s a Wooden souvenir stall, T-shirt stall, Jeans stall, Knives and Military clothing stall!, Hats, Sunglasses and belts. Now keep walking as we pass a Wooden souvenir stall, T-shirt stall, Jeans stall, Knives and … you get the idea.

Some of the fake goods are pretty good but let me tell you I know a pair of Adidas Rom when I see them and I’m not fooled!

We stopped for a drink at a stall on the edge of the market, bought a can of tonic and a 200ml bottle of vodka. We sat at one of the tables, divided the booze into 2 glasses, and topped up with tonic. The stallholder thought it hilarious and was making burning throat gestures to her friend and us, we thought they were just nice measures 😉

Mosquito watch – No new bites.

Thursday 15th

At breakfast I got a close look at one of the orange wristbands I’ve seen a lot of people wearing. You know the sort of thing, like the yellow Livestrong or the black and white anti-racism ones. Well, these orange ones are very popular with young men, late teens and early twenties. It turns out that they say “Long Live The King.” Now don’t be misled, although there are a lot of Thai Elvis impersonators out here, I believe they are referring to the King of Thailand. Its a nice idea don’t you think? There are pictures of the King on the walls of most shops and restaurants and the feeling that there is pride and even love for the monarchy is quite different to home. I can’t see the wristbands catching on at home though. All the Scallies, Chavs and Neds would probably prefer a chequered  band wishing long life to the house of Burberry.

We spent the day on the beach for the first time today. When we are in Spain we tend to stay by the hotel pool, especially when staying all-inclusive. That suits me as I’m not a big fan of the beach, I mean it really does get everywhere doesn’t it! Now when we go to Goa we always use the beach, the shacks are all geared up with cold beers, hot food and free sunbeds to get you to use their services rather than their neighbours. Here it isn’t as developed and the sunbeds are provided at a cost, yesterday we paid 200 baht for 2 beds, umbrella and table, not too bad I suppose. The trick I think they are missing is that having paid for the bed, you don’t feel any compunction to use their stall to get your drinks etc. Its no great hardship for anyone to walk 3 minutes up the beach and across to the road to get your drinks for roughly half the price the beach stalls are asking. The point? Give me a free bed and I’ll probably ending up spending more on your inflated beer prices than you would make on the price of the bed. That’s just good business!

In the evening we went up the strip and ate in “Up Seafood” I had a seafood noodle dish which was divine and Paul had grilled Mussels in garlic, we shared an order of garlic bread and each washed it down with a large Chang beer. When the bill came, it was only 400 baht, we noticed a sign saying 15% off food so didn’t question the price. Looking back I still cant get it to add up unless they didn’t add the beers on, they were on a separate ticket attached to the food order, too late now but maybe we’ll eat there again to make up for it.

We stopped off on the way home to pick up some beers to go in the fridge for tomorrow and got back to the room about 23:30. We were tired but not ready for bed just yet, so a couple of Vodka tonics were mixed and we watched a bit of telly on the laptop. We watched about half of  Grey Gardens that Michael mentioned a few weeks a go, then a bit of Golden Girls for light relief, I was ready to sleep after that I can tell you 🙂

Mosquito watch – 3 new bites 😦

Friday 16th

Wow, red hot today.

We went for a walk up beyond the clubs and bars on the strip and saw some sights. There is a very large temple at the top of the road and we had a good look around, taking photos but keeping an eye out for the orange robed monks. We didn’t want to upset them after all and I don’t know the protocol involved if they come up talking to me, so better to just run away!

We went to an Indian resto in the evening and it was really good. The onion bahji’s done just the way I like them, sliced onion ring fried in a gram flour batter, not the greasy fried onion patties you get in a lot of places the uk. The butter Chicken was divine and the Lamb curry, perfectly spiced. Its debatable whether it actually was Lamb, Mutton or Goat, whatever, it was still very tasty.

After dinner we did a bit of late night shopping on the strip, spending quite a bit of time in one shop haggling over the price of a Diesel bag and some Calvin Klein boxer trunks. The young lad that Paul was served by was, in Pauls opinion, getting rather suggestive, possibly offering more than the bag if Paul met his price. Is it normal practice in price negotiations to start talking about having a room and asking far away your hotel is? At the other end of the shop, I wasn’t being offered the same deal on the underpants 😦

Mosquito watch – 1 new bite.

Saturday 17th

I had breakfast alone today, Paul wasn’t feeling well, I stole a Croissant, butter and jam along with a  yoghurt to take back for him. I’m quite surprised that this is the first time I’ve done this, when we go to Spain, I steal Pauls breakfast most days.

Once Paul had dragged himself out of bed we went for a walk down to the market again. He is really getting the hang of the haggling thing, a bit more work on closing the deal and he’ll have it down 🙂

In the evening, we went up the top of the trip and Paul found a simple looking place called Ying Seafood, it turned out to be a real find! Paul chose Crab cocktail expecting to get crad sticks but was pleased to get real Crab. I ordered Prawn fritters, which were really good, homemade fishcakes of minced Prawn, Pork and Egg fried in breadcrumb. Include a Phaid Thai and a seafood and vegetables dish with a couple of beers for only 450 baht and you’ve got a recipe for a perfect meal 🙂

Mosquito watch – 2 new bites.

Sunday 18th

Spent the day by the pool today, nothing much to report, Paul told me off a few times for not sitting in the Sun enough. Hardly earth-shattering blog fodder there, so what can I tell you? I brought only four books with me and today I finished the third one, I’m going to have to try and wait a couple of days before I start the last one 🙂 I’m hoping this one, “At Swim, Two Boys”wont be such an easy read, it looks like it will need a bit more concentrating on so fingers crossed.

In the Evening we jumped in a Tuk-tuk and went up to Patong beach and took in the sites of Banglaa Road.  It is so busy up there, quite a contrast to Karon beach, the road is closed to traffic so its a mass of people taking in the sights and avoiding the touts. Here we  got our first glimpse of the Lady-boys, also called Katoy, they are standing around in the street, posing with tourists for photos and inviting you to come and watch their shows.

We needed food first, so headed further up the strip towards what we thought would be the restaurants. Unfortunately  we didn’t see one that we like right away and so Paul suggested a steak house we had seen at the top of the strip. This is where the trouble started since I didn’t want a steak and that meant that Paul felt he couldn’t have one either. This got me peeved since this meant that once again we were sitting in an expensive steak house and not having steak. It just doesn’t make sense to me, things I want to order, like noodles and seafood or, rice and chicken are now costing 200 instead of 120 in a normal resto. It turns out, during the row we had about this, that Paul only suggested the steak house because I wasnt choosing somewhere else fast enough. I mean, we’d only walked for 5 mins and seen about 3 places to eat in, how is that too slow? We discovered later that we weren’t even on the right street for food. Anyway you can guess this wasn’t the best meal I’ve ever had. The argument got worse when my food arrived and it looked rubbish. Paul was trying to give me some of his food but I was like, “no, you eat what you want first.” What I meant was, if you leave any I might take a bit. He took this to mean I don’t need you help or something along those lines. Anyway, wires were well and truly crossed and the rest of the meal was “enjoyed” in a heavy silence.

Walking back down the strip I noticed that wearing a stony faced expression is actually a good way to deter the touts 🙂 We decided to go and get a drink before returning home so went in search f a bar. We found a little avenue of open-air bars and wandered along it looking for a nice place to stop. It turned out that almost every bar was just full of those young Thai ladies that are looking for company. I don’t think of myself as being naïve but I’m still undecided what they are after, is it just someone to buy them drinks? Are they on commission? Looking for husbands? Or maybe just selling themselves for sex? Of all the things I’ve seen so far in Thailand, this is the bit I like the least, especially when its plain to see that some of the girls are at most only 13 or 14 years old. We found a bar that didn’t have the girls, in fact it was totally empty probably because of that lack, and ordered a drink. Due to the lack of other customers the barmaid was pretty much just sitting behind the bar looking at us the whole time which was a bit odd. After a few minutes she pointed at my ring and said, “you are married?” I nodded and answered yes to this and then was totally surprised when she pointed at Paul and asked, “to him?” It was so funny, I laughed and said yes again, she was smiling and I don’t think she was taking the piss, its just how direct she was that took me aback.

We popped into a 7-11 place and stocked up on cans of Schweppes tonic at only 12 baht (we’ve been paying 20 down in Karon) and saw some Fanta in a red can that turned out to be a cherry flavour that goes well with Vodka 😉

After another crazy Tuk-tuk ride, hurtling through the dark, dodging scooters and buses was never so much fun, we arrived home. We had the afore mentioned Vodka and Cherry Fanta while we made up, after all its never good to go to bed on an argument.

Mosquito count – 2 new bites 😦

Monday 19th

We spent the day at the beach today, got down there about 12 and got settled on a couple of beds. Turned out the 2 young guys next to us were English, not very remarkable I know, but with all the Scandies around it almost takes you by surprise to hear people talk English. Even if they are Brummies 🙂

I went off for a little walk, promising to return in 30 mins with beer, but as usual I had my sights set on taking photos and lost track of time. I took some very nice photos of some very dark clouds coming over the mountains and approaching the coastline. Once I’d gone as far as I thought I could get away with, I headed back amid a light shower of raindrops, very refreshing 🙂 When I got back to Paul I was pleasantly surprised to find that despite being gone an hour I didn’t get told off (much), though the Magnum ice-cream I brought him may have helped in this regard.

In the Evening we decided to go back to the Ying restaurant which we had enjoyed so much on Saturday night. Its only a little place, about 8 tables I think, but the staff were lovely and the food very good and very reasonable. We had just ordered our food and were waiting for our starters of onion rings and barbecued prawns, when I began to hear a tippy-tappy noise on the tin roof. Have you ever been in a conservatory or a caravan during a rainstorm? If so, you’ll know what I mean about the noise. Within a minute the noise level rose to a thunderous roar and looking out to the road we could see a Monsoon style downpour, people running this way and that trying to find shelter, some spilling under the cover of our restaurant, soaked to the skin in the few minutes it had been raining.

The storm lasted a good hour and we were treated to a thunder and lightening show out over the distant hills. The very best thing though, was the feeling in the air once it stopped, it smelt clean and fresh. I could almost feel a drop in pressure, as if since seeing the heavy cloud earlier, I’d been holding my breath for the rain to come.

Our onion rings arrived around the same time that I realised that our barbecued prawns, previously on the now soaked barbie at the front of the resto, were being taken back into the kitchen to be grilled! The prawns were actually a main dish that we were sharing as a starter and once they arrived we were not disappointed, a dozen large plump prawns which at home would be called King prawn but here were ordinary sized. There’s something I find very satisfying about shelling the prawns myself and getting all sticky with the juices as I eat, great fun too, there aren’t many dishes that you are encouraged to get down and dirty with 😉 With the prawns dispatched, our mains arrived, seafood and vegetables on noodles for me and prawns with vegetables for Paul. Another excellent meal at the Ying, and with beers it came to just 570 baht, bargain!
Back at the hotel I went on to the balcony, we’d left towels out to dry, so wanted to check just how wet the towels now were. The answer was very, very wet. Now Paul decided that he should also check the balcony, why I don’t know. He pushed the curtain aside and stepped through the door, I heard the oddest sound and turned just in time to see him disappear. A split second later and one bare foot shot back through the curtain at the oddest angle. Paul is now the proud owner of a large buttock bruise, I’ll be taking pictures as it develops so stay tuned for “bruise watch.”

Mosquito watch – no new bites 🙂

Tuesday 20th 

Hmmm, another day without much to say. Once breakfast was out of the way, I had asian selection again, fried rice with egg, noodle dish and some sweet and sour chicken. The breakfasts probably sound a bit odd, there is plenty of bacon and sausage but having the local version feels better, plus I haven’t felt the need to eat again until dinner time so it saves on a lunch time meal 🙂 We spent the whole day by the hotel pool today, the weather was ok but by late afternoon it had clouded over and the only fun we had was hiding our shop bought cans of beer from the pool boy. The pool boy in question is called Wat, which can be a bit confusing, “put it away, Wat is coming!”

In the evening we went back to the Indian resto we used a few days ago. If anything the onion bahji was bigger and tastier, perhaps the big tip on the last visit wasn’t wasted 🙂 Paul took the butter chicken and I the chicken shashlik, we shared the rice that came on my dish and the sauces that came with each of our choices. We ordered 2 garlic naans this time and almost ate the lot soaking up all the gravy. In total, with beers, 480 baht, love it!! I know we could go down the market stall food halls and eat for 100 baht each, but its not what we are about, at my time of life I need a bit of comfort and I don’t mind paying for it 🙂

Mosquito watch – no news bites. A note on this, the first night I wore Jeans and t-shirt, got 1 bite and was emboldened to take Paul’s advice and wear knee length shorts on the next few night. As you’ll see the bite count steadily rose until 2 nights ago I called a halt. I’ve been bitten more here than in India and it due to those shorts, sure, they feel nice and cool but the pain afterwards isn’t worth it. I’m back to wearing long pants, expect the bite count to drop!

Wednesday 21st

Another day by the pool today, I couldn’t face the beach today, a few sniffles yesterday have turned into a full blown head cold today 😦

In the evening, dosed up with 4flu tablets, I managed to drag myself out for dinner. Paul wanted to try some of the local fish, you know the ones where you choose a fish off the slab, they weigh it and then cook it to your order.  He chose for it to be deep fried in garlic and it was a good choice and I might add, a little adventurous for Paul. Next time, I’d go for barbecued or steamed, it was just a little crispy around slashes in the skin. Overall though, another very nice meal.

Mosquito watch – 8 bites! Foolishly, I stayed out on the balcony in the early evening without putting on repellent.

Thursday 22nd

My cold symptoms haven’t abated much. I’ve now got some cold in my eyes, that always happens to me, so I’m streaming in all directions which is a fine sight by the pool, I’m sure.

We made up our minds to go splurge on steaks tonight and then visit the market, I’m hoping to feel well enough to travel to Patong again on Friday night. I chose meatballs for my starter, they turned out to be made out of fish and were surprisingly good. Paul ordered crab toast, expecting something similar to the chinese prawn toast we are used to having at home. Once it arrived he wasn’t too happy with it, each piece of toast and crab was coated in a heavy batter that swamped the crab flavour. The steaks were also slightly disappointing, the flavours were good, but both were a bit rarer than ordered, my rare rib-eye arrived as what I’d call blue and Paul’s medium rare New Zealand steak was quite rare. We still ate most of it all though so don’t get the wrong impression, it was still a good meal.

At the market, we went on a bit of a spree and bought  t-shirts, socks, sandals and shorts. Oh and some fresh roasted chestnuts and a couple of cans of Chang beer. It was so nice to pause by the lake, drink beer and shell and eat the chestnuts while taking in the atmosphere. The market is actually part of a festival this week so its a party for the Thais as well as a spectacle for tourists. It was fun to see the Thai gambling games, they’re mad for them! A simple game of roulette, a flat board painted in 4 colours with a spinner in the middle. Throw your money on the colour you hope the spinning arrow will point to once it stops. They also played a bingo game, covering the numbers with bottle caps and a plinko game with a marble “dink-dinking” down a board covered in a multitude of panel pins. It was a frenzy of gambling, 20 baht notes flying this way and that. One slightly disturbing game was “net a goldfish” using real goldfish, though thankfully they hadn’t had hooks screwed into their heads like our “hook a duck” game in the UK!

Mosquito watch – 1 new bite 🙂

Friday 24th

We did the pool during day again, brought a few of our own cans of beers again then had a bit of scare when Wat came and asked our room number! We were speculating why he had done this, probably just a ploy to let us know he was on o us, Paul says think we’ll do the beach tomorrow  🙂
We went up to Patong in the evening and had a bit of drama in the tuk-tuk when the brakes were slammed on and Paul was thrown to the floor in an ungainly heap. I’ll probably have to mention this again as he already has a bruise on the bum, a persistent cough and now a “dislocated shoulder.”  We found Banglaa road even busier than the other night. The festival I mentioned yesterday is called “Loy Krathong”and tonight the street was full of markets stall and more importantly food stalls. We abandoned the plan of finding a nice restaurant and started buying bits of freshly prepared nibbles, satays, roast pork, rice with veggies and prawns for me, with crab for Paul, deep fried battered jumbo prawns and of course beer 🙂  In a nice twist, the festival is happeing here tonight and in our resort tomorrow night so we will get enjoy it twice.
Mosquito watch – 0 new bites :-))))

Saturday 25th

We decided that the beach would be a good idea today,  we have only 2 full days left and I have to (grudgingly) agree that it is the the best place to soak up the sun without the temptation (for me) to keep popping to the room to cool down.It was actually a pretty good day, I went for a couple of walks and got some good (I think) shots of the parasail riders coming in to land over my head on the beach.

In the evening we wet up the strip without having decided on what or where to eat. In the end we returned to a place we ate on one of our first night, we don’t remember the name but the food was good. Tonight the service was a bit slow but again the food was good, I went for a mixed dim sum starter and Paul ordered the prawn cakes. It turned out that my selection included prawn cakes so that made our usual game of “swap you one of these for one of those” a bit redundant. We still enjoyed it all though, the pork dumplings were especially good, being wrapped in spring onion leaves rather than pancake batter. Once our mains arrived Paul was in heaven! He had a massive hot-pot bowl of mussels in a garlic butter soup, it was almost obscene, when dipping heavily garlicky garlic bread into that concoction, can you imagine the amount of pleasure we had?? I had ordered chicken and cashew nuts with some steamed rice, which while very good, paled into insignificance next to the mussels.

After eating we headed down to the festival ground, which I previously mentioned as the market place, I’ve since learned its a temporary venue, lasting only for this weeks festivities. We did a proper load of shopping this time, emboldened by our previous efforts we were more clued up on prices and local haggling customs etc. We came away with more of the same but also some slightly higher quality t-shirts, I think that for £2 the cotton is actually better in thickness than some of the stuff I have bought in H&M, we just have to see if it washes once without twisting up 🙂 Anywho, we feel we got some good deals so that’s the main thing.

Almost forgot, festival stuff! It really was heaving with people coming down to the lake to float their candle adorned banana leaf boats, the idea being you send all your regrets and wrong-doings away with it. We saw people we recognised, staff from our hotel, restaurants and shops we’ve been in, all coming to observe the Goddess with a banana boat or a floating lantern that they launched into the sky. I’m sure we couldn’t have planned anything better to celebrate our penultimate night here in Thailand.
Mosquito watch – 0 new bites :-))))

Sunday 25th

Another agreeable day at the beach, I even got into the water a couple of times, add the Andaman sea to the list of places I’ve bathed:-)

I finished reading “At Swim, Two Boys” on the beach, how sad was that? They were so in love but of course no happy ending. I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried during the last 4 pages, on the beach and everything!, in fact I’m filling up again now just thinking about it.

We went to our fave Ying restaurant, for our last night, we had promised to try the seafood platter and we couldn’t pass it up! It was fab, a whole Crab, loads of giant Prawns, Mussels, and Cockles. A feast and what a way to end our holiday, I’ll take away so many memories.

Monday 26th

Happy Birthday to me!!!

After breakfast, packing and checking out we went for a little around the shops picking up the last few bargains and pressies for home. We stopped for one last beer by the roadside, overlooking the sea and savoured our last hours inThailand.

The hotel shower room turned out to be some rooms otside the parking lot, and while nice, not to then same standard as the hotel rooms proper. After showering, a short wait for the taxi to the airport, and we were away.

Not much else to add I suppose, the flights passed without problems and we arrivd home as scheduled.

Movies watched …..

Death at a funeral – very funny, I’d like to watch this again!
The Invasion – Nicole and Daniel make a practice run before film of the year, the golden compass, pretty good.
Batman begins –again 🙂
The 6th day – missed this one when it came out, sadly I have now wasted 2 hours of my life.
Attack on the Pin Up Boys – Korean comedy, bloody brilliant!! I love Korean horror and now I love their comedy, get me !

2 Responses to Thailand Nov 2007

  1. Lesley says:

    Sounds fundabbydozy. Did you bring us any Thai food back?

  2. Karl says:

    Phew. That was a big one.

    Sounded like it was a really good holiday. I’ve had At Swim Two Boys on my shelf for ages and really must get round to making time for it. And I’m obviously shopping in the wrong places. I’ve been the length and breadth of Meadowhall and never once been offered extras with my purchases.

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