Do you remember the first time……

I’m still in some pain this evening after my sensibilities were cruelly injured one of my team. I’ll try to explain how this came about, but if its too painful, I might need a break, OK?

I mean its not like he didn’t know what he was doing, I was sitting right there for gods sake!

The young gentleman in question turned to his neighbour and said, “Yeah, that Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD thing, its like this war that happened years ago, before I was born, there was this thing between VHS and something called Betamax”

Aaaargh! Before he was born!!*

To add insult to injury he then said, “Andy will remember it.” He turned to me, “won’t you Andy?”

If it hadn’t been for the winning grin he flashed me, that boy would have been history.

Oh, how we laughed afterwards!

*He’s like 25, so it’s actually true 😦

One Response to Do you remember the first time……

  1. Karl says:

    You poor, poor boy. I hope this scar will heal one day.

    But aren’t the people lookng younger?…

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