That’s Crackers.

These are Christmas Crackers.

Not just any Crackers, these are hand finished, hand decorated, up-market Crackers.

These are British Home Stores Crackers.

Up-market Crackers have posh gifts in them, not plasic tat, actual metal gifts.

Lets go around the table and see the gifts that popped out of these crackers….. Sharon gets a nice ballpoint pen, Paul finds a metal get-the-ring-apart-from-the-jointed-magic-trick thing, Jane discovers a set of nail clippers* and Denise a pack of mini playing cards.

All very nice I’m sure you’ll agree.

So can you imagine my surprise at the gift I found inside mine?

That's Crackers.

Thats right. A condom.** Can you see the bewilderment plastered across my face?

Hrrrmmmmph, so much for posh Cracker’s.

*beware, I got these last year and look what happened.

**Looking back I’m now wondering how long the Crackers were unattended at Sharons house? This would have been a perfect prank for a Husband/Son to play on the Wife/Mother 😉

3 Responses to That’s Crackers.

  1. Jonathan says:

    That’s shocking that is! Imagine if a small child had been pulling that Cracker and got hold of that condom… thought it was some kind of balloon… tried to blow it up and then choked on it!

    When will British Home Stores learn!

  2. Karl says:

    I agree, shocking! But you do bewilderment in such a cute way.

  3. Sharon says:

    Sorry A ! The Set of mini Screwdrivers that should have emerged from your cracker are at home.

    Sorry also to Jonathan and Karl for the deception …but the look on your face and the real “Belly” laughs from around the table (including you) that this prank created were well worth the possibility of Santa not coming this year.


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