Fave Foto Friday # 15 or Photostory #1

The building I work in is very close to the River Don and in particular a stretch of the Five Weirs Walk, between Carbrook Road and Weedon Street. So quite often during my lunch break I go for a walk along here. Its in a very heavily populated area with busy main roads between the City and the Motorway, it’s kind of closed in by the trees and is surprisingly peaceful.

During these walks, I’ve grown quite fond of the Heron’s, thats the real one and the stainless steel one. You can always be sure to see at least one of them 🙂

5Weirs 060

Here is another shot taken on December 28, 2006 almost a year ago. You can see how close to the river he is here, perched on high after catching a little fishy.

5Weirs 090

Then imagine my dissapointment when I captured this scene on June 28th 2007.

5Weirs 141

“Bloody thieving vandals,” I thought, “thats the last we’ll see of that!” No doubt its already perched above someones Koi carp pond, their latest garden statue.

Last Thursday, when I went out at lunchtime, I decided that although it was very cold I’d take a walk down along the river. That’s probably going to the last one for a while too, it was bloody freezing!

However, having gone down the path with my back to the remains of the statue, on the way back I was warmed to see this sight.

HeronBack 003

The bird had returned 🙂

HeronBack 005

I’ll probably never know if it was stolen and recovered or just sent away for cleaning and then repositioned. I do like his new perch, its almost as if at any moment, he might swoop down to the river to take a fish or to land in his old spot.

Welcome back Mr Heron 🙂

One Response to Fave Foto Friday # 15 or Photostory #1

  1. ‘Lo Andy! thank for your lovely poem tonight.

    You have cheered me up MASSIVELY! Can’t wait till Ms. Mac sees it too!

    I am also very fond of herons and am lucky enough to encounter live ones alongside the canal near my office. Have no photographic proof as yet though…

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