Don’t dive drunk?

So Christmas is over and we are now looking forward to New Years. At this festive time we are all reminded to be careful on the roads. I wonder if it’s just the roads they should be warning us about, especially after finding this via the magic of Google Earth. I was actually having a nose around, reminiscing about last years trip Down Under.

I witnessed a bit of odd driving over there in Oz land but this beats ’em all. Not one, but two massive ocean going disasters within metres of one another.

(If you zoom out you’ll see that this is in Circular Quay, Sydney, Australia nestled behind the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.)

2 Responses to Don’t dive drunk?

  1. Jo says:

    Happy New Year you, let’s hope that 2008 is happy, healthy and full of love!

  2. Boudica says:

    Jesus, some people have obviously had more than their fill of mulled wine!

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