X-thingy pt2

December 15, 2007

hehe I was right

Leon Jackson takes X Factor crown

 Not that I was watching it!


December 15, 2007

Rhydian just sang “Somewhere”

The judges are giving their comments.

I think Leon will win.

*promise not to edit if I get it wrong! 

Calling all Drag Queens……

December 15, 2007

 I have your Christmas present right here 🙂

Enquire about the number plate M155 FAG

With VAT you’ll get change from £1250 (just!)

Fave Foto Friday # 14

December 14, 2007

In what must be a long awaited return to this feature…. 

Taj West End

I spotted this picture in my sidebar and just looking at the thumbnail, it grabbed me and brought a lump to my throat. After calling up the full picture, it really made me pause for thought. In fact, I came over a bit emotional and stuff, in fact I admit to a little tear in my eyes. 

Its me, Paul, Linda and Angie enjoying Sunday Brunch at the Taj West End, Bangalore.

Happy Days! 

Secrets, Lies and no more video-tapes.

December 8, 2007

I’m feeling pretty relieved this afternoon, after a week of sneaking around I can finally come clean.

I’ve been hiding something from Paul all week. In fact I’ve been dreading him catching me out, I’ve almost tripped myself up a couple of times.

Ok, Ok,I’ll stop being so sensationalist!

Paul has been wanting Sky+ for a couple of months, they had been doing a £50 deal but we missed it and they put it back up to £150. I said we could have it after Christmas when they were sure to reduce it again.

In fact, I was planning to order in secret despite the cost and make it an extra Christmas gift for Paul this year.  As it turned out I ordered it online last week and they had knocked £50 off so that wasn’t too bad.

Paul’s Mum almost blew it last Sunday when she started talking about Sky+, luckily she figured out my frantic “finger on lips” gesture and dropped it. I later explained to her what I was planning!

Paul brought it up a few more times this week, each time it was advertised on TV, each time I was able to keep a straight face and say “We said next year some time didn’t we?”

The closest call came when we got home on Friday and the Sky fitter had left a message on the machine, rather helpfully, he was letting us know he would be here around 07:45 Saturday morning.  

I managed to talk over the message and pretend it was just the Sky call centre making a sales call. The final scary moment came at 21:30 when our conscientious Sky fitter called again to confirm his visit.

“Yes, I got your message, tomorrow morning is great, see you then” I hurriedly answered.

 I said to Paul , “Oh, them Sky people, trying to sell us the movie channel for Christmas, they don’t give up do they!”

I had set the alarm for 7:20 and got up, waking Paul in the progress. I told him to go back to sleep and went downstairs to get ready for the Sky engineer. When I saw him pulling up in his van, went back upstairs and woke Paul.

“Quick Paul, look out the window, Santa is here” I said. 

“Huh?” Paul replied

“He’s bringing your presents early! Go and look” I persisted.

Reaching the window, Paul gasped “That’s not Santa, that’s Bart Simpson” spotting the brightly decorated Sky van.

“Happy Christmas, babe” say I.

“Aaaww, thanks” Says Paul.

Once it was all fitted and working and the engineer had left, Paul turned to me and said, “Does this mean we have got a squariel?” He’s stuck in the 80’s that boy! 

So all the lies and deceptions are over and everything is back to normal. well almost normal, except that now when I get back from holidays, I’ll still have the “opportunity” to watch whichever reality show I would have otherwise missed. 

I guess that’s the price we pay for progress 🙂

Rainy washday blues (and beiges)

December 7, 2007

washing 003

I’m quite disappointed by this photo, you cant see that its blowing a force 8 gale or that it been raining heavily all night or even that its only 09:30 hours. In fact this washing has been out all night, something that’s not unusual for our (recently) new neighbours.

I’m sorry, but that would all have to go back in the machine if it was mine!

Do they know nothing?

Birthday stuff.

December 5, 2007

Dear Valerie,

With my Birthday money I bought a new Webcam, Gamepad and some blank DVD’s.

GamepadWebcam 002

Thank you very much, I’m very happy 🙂



Got Beef?

December 4, 2007

Rib of Beef

I’m so looking forward to this Rib of Beef, I picked it up in Morrisons as a bit of a joke really, expecting Paul to say no.

At £11.55 its the most expensive piece of meat either of us have ever bought.

What actually happened is, we looked at each other and said “dare we?”

We dared! Its now residing in our freezer waiting for Christmas.

We’ll be having it on Boxing day, just the two of us.

Its gonna be great!

High hopes fulfilled.

December 2, 2007

Just before we went on holiday, I put through an order with Be* for superfast broadband. Its what they call a LLU (Local Loop Unbundled) service, basically they have their own equipment in the local BT telephone exchange and can offer much higher speeds than BT.

With a BT based “up to 8meg” product, the best I could hope for was the 2 meg I was already getting, you can see how I felt about this by studying the green face on the chart. 

Be* SpeedTest 

With the new Be* connection promising up to 24meg, I’m getting around 8 meg, you can see how this makes me feel by studying the chart, this time reffering to the yellow face.

I did the speed test very soon after hooking it, the modem currently suggests that it may be syncing a bit faster now, I just cant be bothered to turn off all my downloads to test it at the moment.  

In fact, I may need some new hard drives for christmas, the current 4 x 250Gb are pretty full and now my machine is sucking the entire Internet into itself at an alarming rate!

Thailand Nov 2007

December 2, 2007

Not sure how this will work, I’m going to try and blog the holiday as we go along, hopefully I wont censor myself so bear with me if I go off on one! I’ve done this on other holidays, writing on paper, but never typed it up, more of a record for me of what we did and what we saw, I find it helps when looking back at obscure photos and such. This time I’ve brought along the laptop so it makes sense to try to use it. Please forgive any spelling or questionable content, its just that I’m capturing things quickly and don’t know how this will work out. If I’m able to post from Thailand I will, but I’ll probably need to re-visit things, adding photos once I get back home.

Well I’m back and have finished this off, having read through it fully I realise it is probably a lot more interesting to me than it will be to any of you Internet people.  Therefore, I’m putting one of those “click here to continue reading” tags to spare you the full details of my holiday.

Should you choose to continue reading, you’ll probably find this about as interesting as that time you went around to the neighbours house and sat through a slideshow of their holiday photos!

Enjoy (or not!)

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