A return and a recipe.

Did you miss me?

In all the excitement I forgot to remind you all that I was going on holiday on New Years Eve. We had the most brilliant time, the weather was fantastic and it was just so relaxing, We did no excursions, no major sightseeing, just relaxation on the beach. Bliss!

We got back on Tuesday afternoon and then we were straight back to work on Wednesday. The jet lag thing wasn’t too bad and Its now Thursday lunchtime (as I write this) and I’m feeling all back to normal.

Speaking of lunch, I’m enjoying the most wonderful soup, I have to share it with you.

I took a can of Baxters Potato and Leek, added a few dozen cooked Chick Peas and a small handful of dried noodles broken into half inch pieces. Once this was warmed through, I boned, flaked and added a ready cooked fillet of peppered smoked Mackerel. A little salt and pepper to taste and a little extra water to allow for the noodles and it all went into a flask to take to work. After about 4 hours in the flask, its ready to go 🙂 The smokey Mackerel has infused thoroughly and the overall flavour is divine. The Chick Peas and noodles give extra body and mean I’m not filling up on bread along with the soup.

Apparently I’m supposed to be thrilled that I’m getting my anti-oxidants and my oily fish all in one shot, in fact I’m just thrilled with my own inventiveness 🙂 It makes Paul laugh, but I can never resist adding a little something else to canned soups. Maybe next time I’ll share my recipe for improving a can of Bouillabaisse, all I’m saying now is that it includes adding Garam Masala. No really, you’ll love it!

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