About last night.

Heath Ledger died last night, we saw it on the news just before going to bed.

How sad that every news bulletin so far has only mentioned his role as a gay cowboy.

Me and Paul both liked his films and we both were equally shocked to hear the news, I’m sure he’ll be missed by many.

I especially liked how he and I both had Heath in our names 🙂

In a statement issued today, I said “Obviously, my thoughts are with his family at this sad time.”

3 Responses to About last night.

  1. Ms Mac says:

    I happen to be watching a Heath Ledger fillum right now which was lurking in my dvr recordings- Candy- about drug addicts. The Australian media seems to be covering his career more comprehensively. Which is nice.

  2. Lesley says:

    I liked him in A Knight’s Tale – he’s the only thing that made that film bearable when 3-year old Z wanted to watch it over and over again.

  3. andy says:

    We have the film Candy on DVD, havent watched it yet, we’ve been saving it for a good night in. It looks a bit grim and possibly heavy going, did you enjoy it?

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