A thought for a friend.

A late night, unexpected knock on the door is usually not a sign of good news. Last night at around 21:30, this was proven true yet again. One of our neighbours was at the door and I took one look at his face and knew there was something wrong. I’m trying to avoid using names so this might get a bit confused, its a guy and a gal, they arent a couple, one is gay one not and they’ve lived together for a dozen years.

Its only the other day that Paul and I were saying we hadnt seen much of these neighbours lately. We put it down to our recenty holidays overlapping and the amount of work we had been doing since getting back. In fact, it turns out that the gal in question hadn’t been feeling well but had decided to go on holiday anyway. things got worse and so she went to a hospital in Thailand and paid for an MRI scan. The results came back and her worst fears were realised, they had found a brain tumour.

So the reason we hadnt seen them is that the day we got back from holiday she was (back in the UK) being taken in to hospital for further tests and then a few days later an operation to try to remove the tumor. The news came as a great shock and for me personally it echoed back to my Dad’s brain tumor and subsequent operations to try to remove it. In Dads case, and our neighbours, it wasn’t possible to remove it all, it was certain to grow back.

In this ladies case it’s doubly sad that the operation to remove the tumor has caused paralysis in one leg, there is a small chance this may return but its not looking good. We will be going to see her in hospital this week, its the same Ward that Dad was on, so that may bring mixed memories for me. But its not about me so I’ll try to forget that.

You just never know whats around the corner do you? Just before Christmas these guys were sitting on our sofa having a drink, laughing and joking and looking forward to their holidays. Now, she is fighting for survival and you can imagine that her housemate is in pieces too, although not a couple, they’ve lived together for so long that it adds up to the same thing.

She is very much in my thoughts today, maybe you could spare a thought for her too?

Look after yourselves and those you love and remember that however bad your day is, you still have blessings to count 🙂

One Response to A thought for a friend.

  1. boodika says:

    That really does go to show that anything could happen, doesn’t it?

    My thoughts are with her, what a godawful thing to have to go through. From the looks of it her blessings come in the form of good supportive friends.

    Best wishes & love

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