Sunday Breakfast.

Just because its Sunday, I’m having breakfast a little late today, its a fried egg and fried black pudding sandwich on crusty bloomer bread with lashings of ketchup.

Sunday Breakfast

Not everyones taste I suppose and not something I’d eat every day, but its delicious.


I just noticed that I arranged this in the shape of a face, although the ketchup mouth looks like it has been punched!

2 Responses to Sunday Breakfast.

  1. Rob7534 says:

    What is fried black pudding? I thought those were Oreo cookies w/little white sesame seeds in them. I can see an egg, oreos, and bread… but Ketchup!

    You’ve gone too far now.

  2. Karl says:

    Black pudding is the stuff of the devil! But then so are Oreos… 😉

    Egg and tinned tomatoes with brown sauce – now I *could* be tempted.

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