How was it for you?

So, like everyone else in the UK, we were woken around 1am this morning by the rumbling noise that soon became a full on shaking the house earthquake.

“About a 3.5” I thought, as if I knew what I was talking about. Turns out it was just over a 5 on the Richter.

Paul turned to me and said, “It’s an earthquake.”

“Yes it is, now go back to sleep” I replied.

The thing is, although I was appearing calm and reassuring, my heart was actually racing. This is my second earthquake, the last one I felt was about 15 years ago, that shows how uncommom these medium size tremors are here in the UK. I couldn’t get back to sleep and I actually started composing this blog post in my head. It wasn’t like this though, it was much better, I’ve forgotten all the wonderful prose I imagined last night so this will have to do.

On the news this morning this is all they are talking about. People are texting and emailing the breakfast news shows in record numbers. Presenters are reading out gems like, “Hazel from Barnsley says her Cockatiel fell off its perch.”

Lets take a few moments to reflect, a few chimney pots may have come down, however its not exactly on the scale of earthquake disaster we have seen around the world in recent years. I’m really sorry about the guy with the broken pelvis, but nobody has died. Millions of people havent lost everything, and nobody died (again!)

This reminds me of a friend telling us about an earthquake he experienced while on holiday in the Caribbean. He was sitting on the bed when it began to shake. His first thought? The room was haunted! Thats right his first thought was the supernatural, more easily prepared to believe in ghosts than that the earth was shaking. Perhaps that says something about the British attitude to earthquakes, we dont have them so they are not actually real?

I do hope that if the earth moved for you last night, your’e feeling ok this morning 🙂

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