Soup of the day.

February 6, 2008

Over the last few months I’ve really been getting into soup! I take it to work for my lunch most days, heat it up in the morning, stick it in the flask and its still piping hot at lunch time. I’ve mentioned previously that I like to play around with bought soups, adding my own twist by adding extra spices and ingredients.

I though I’d share this recipe with you for the totally home made soup I had for lunch today.

You will need.

500g Carrots
1 Med/Large Onion
2 tsp Dried Basil (fresh would be better)
1 inch of peeled fresh Ginger
1 Clove of Garlic
3/4 Pint of Water
3/4 Pint of Stock
2 Tbs Olive oil
Salt and Pepper to taste

Your prep should take about 10 minutes max. Peel and chop the Onions and Carrots, its going to go in the Blender at the end so neat chopping isnt needed. However, the size you chop the carrots will change the cooking time. Chop the Ginger finely, if you dont you may find long string of the Ginger fibres in the finished soup. Peel the Garlic, you can chop or mince this too, in my case I bash it and threw it in whole to be fished out at the end. You want a pint and a half of water/stock, a vegatable stock cube is fine. In this case I used half water and half Chick Pea stock, reserved and frozen from when I last boiled up a batch.

Now the Cooking.

Heat the Olive oil in a large pan and add the Sliced the Onions. Fry the Onions until translucent and just about to start coulouring. Add the Carrots, Basil, Garlic and Ginger and continue frying for a few minutes to soak up the juices.

Add the Water and stock that youre using and bring to the boil, now reduce the heat and simmer for 40mins or until carrots are tender.

I switched off the heat at this point and went to bed. You dont have to, it was 11pm so it worked for me, next time it may not be and I’ll skip this bit 🙂

If your serving the soup right away, blitz it in the Blender in small batches, seriously, you dont want hot soup flying up into your face. If youre doing this when its cold you can be a little more adventurous. Return it to the pan and taste it, you’ll want to correct the seasoning at this point, Salt and Pepper of course and maybe a tiny, tiny drop of pepper/chilli sauce.

I added more water at this stage, you will know how much is right for you when its the consistency you prefer. In my case this made 1500ml of soup, enough for 2 full flasks, so lunch for 2 days. I’m already tweaking the recipe as I sip the soup and write this up, maybe adding a Bayleaf or 2 and less basil in the next version? How about Coriander in place of the Ginger? That would be good. I’m pretty confident that it’s low calorie too, which is a nice bonus.

Carrot & Ginger Soup

Enjoy 🙂

Homosexuals are gay, but the big guy is ok with it :-)

February 6, 2008

Homosexuals are gay Originally uploaded by artelsj.

The Word of God?, originally uploaded by MAWGXXXXIV.

A thought for a friend.

February 5, 2008

A late night, unexpected knock on the door is usually not a sign of good news. Last night at around 21:30, this was proven true yet again. One of our neighbours was at the door and I took one look at his face and knew there was something wrong. I’m trying to avoid using names so this might get a bit confused, its a guy and a gal, they arent a couple, one is gay one not and they’ve lived together for a dozen years.

Its only the other day that Paul and I were saying we hadnt seen much of these neighbours lately. We put it down to our recenty holidays overlapping and the amount of work we had been doing since getting back. In fact, it turns out that the gal in question hadn’t been feeling well but had decided to go on holiday anyway. things got worse and so she went to a hospital in Thailand and paid for an MRI scan. The results came back and her worst fears were realised, they had found a brain tumour.

So the reason we hadnt seen them is that the day we got back from holiday she was (back in the UK) being taken in to hospital for further tests and then a few days later an operation to try to remove the tumor. The news came as a great shock and for me personally it echoed back to my Dad’s brain tumor and subsequent operations to try to remove it. In Dads case, and our neighbours, it wasn’t possible to remove it all, it was certain to grow back.

In this ladies case it’s doubly sad that the operation to remove the tumor has caused paralysis in one leg, there is a small chance this may return but its not looking good. We will be going to see her in hospital this week, its the same Ward that Dad was on, so that may bring mixed memories for me. But its not about me so I’ll try to forget that.

You just never know whats around the corner do you? Just before Christmas these guys were sitting on our sofa having a drink, laughing and joking and looking forward to their holidays. Now, she is fighting for survival and you can imagine that her housemate is in pieces too, although not a couple, they’ve lived together for so long that it adds up to the same thing.

She is very much in my thoughts today, maybe you could spare a thought for her too?

Look after yourselves and those you love and remember that however bad your day is, you still have blessings to count 🙂

Will you be my friend, Nutmeg?

February 3, 2008

Where have I been? Not here blogging thats for sure, I do hope you can forgive me, dearest Reader. So, I almost hear you ask, what has been keeping me away from you? I’ve been pretty busy, making new friends, catching fish, harvesting coconuts and I’ve developed a successful business trading in Turnips.

In case that doesnt mean anything to you I’ll explain. I’ve become a little obsessed with a game called Animal Crossing Wild World. I bought Paul a Nintendo DS for Christmas and to begin with we were happy with the Brain Training and Deal Or No Deal that came with it. We did Brain traing every day on holiday in Goa, sometimes on the beach 🙂

I had also ordered a M3DS Real and a 8gig micro SD card to hold the games. Basically, this little beauty lets you download and run games on the DS for free. There are lots of “Homebrew” games out there, people writing games themselves and releasing them for free. There are also places where you can download copies of official DS games and they’ll play just like real cartridges. The former is legal(ish) and the latter, well I’ll let you make your own mind up.

So like 2 years after everyone else, I’m totally absorbed in the world of Animal Crossing. I recently made a million selling turnips and I’m hokked, I find that I have to play at least twice a day!

If you want to come and see me, in the town of Sheffeld, my friend code is 2062-8243-4779.

What’s yours?