Morning moan

Our quarterly BT bill dropped on the mat this morning.

Total cost of calls £0.16 (3 calls!)

Total bill including line rental and VAT £33.15

Do need to say more?

5 Responses to Morning moan

  1. Lesley says:

    That’s why we got rid of our France Telecom line and only use broadband now – sometimes it sounds as if we’re phoning underwater, but hey it’s free!

  2. Jonathan says:

    Hehe @ Lesley!

    Why not move to someone like, Sky! They give you your telly, net AND phone for something like, £16 a month… or was it £60 a month…. not sure!

  3. Jo says:

    How? Please give me the secret … BTW the curry looks delicious

  4. Andy Bailey says:

    I just switched back to BT so I could get 02 broadband, I’m glad I did coz o2 said they’ll give me the broadband for free! lol. now I just need BT to fix the line so it rings..

    I agree with jo, luvvely jubbly curry!

    Andy Bailey’s last blog post..test post for imgames news

  5. Karl says:

    With a title like Morning Moan I must say I expected more!

    Oh, am I not on your *other* blog?

    (PS What are they like? There must be no end of bills like that. If I was BT I’d be doing something to persuade people they needed me. I expect they’re just sitting smug and hoping people keep paying up?)

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