Leek it or not!

I planted these leeks in June 2007 and I’d pretty much given up on them. I went up to the allotment yesterday to drop off some stuff for the compost. I was very pleased to find that having been left alone for a couple of months they have done very well indeed. I picked a few to have with our Sunday lunch and left the rest to keep growing.

BabyLeeks 007

I can report that they were deliciously sweet and tender.

I can also report that the Cottage Pie that Paul made was a triumph!

Paul's Cottage Pie

I’ve added a new link the the blogroll over there –> last nights dinner Its a really good blog, full of inpsirational recipes and ideas, its definitely worth a look 🙂

One Response to Leek it or not!

  1. Karl says:

    We don’t do meat at our abode of residence but that cottage pie does look a good un. And your own leeks! What talented chappies.

    Karl’s last blog post..Do You Know Your Faile From Your Elbow-Toe?

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