Quick and tasty breakfast

Gotta run this morning, after I drop Paul off at work, I’m visiting my nephews to give them their easter eggs. I’m also taking them my recently replaced 19″ LCD monitor, for once I think I’ll have something that eclipses the chocolate!

So quick breakfast required, hmmm what do I fancy? that houmous needs eating, use by yesterday but I’m sure its good, 1 left over chapati from Saturday night. I heated the chapati in a dry frying pan until hot and crispy, tore it into pieces and spread houmous on it. Quick, simple and delicous.

Chapati Houmous

I always could make something out of nothing 🙂

Enjoy your Bank Holiday!

2 Responses to Quick and tasty breakfast

  1. Jonathan says:

    I love how you were in such a rush this morning, yet you managed to make that amazing breakfast, take a picture of it AND blog about it!

    Probably making Paul late in the process! I wish I was so dedicated to my blog! 😦

  2. […] Bank Holiday Monday just gone, I popped over to my Sisters to drop off that Monitor and the Easter eggs for the boys and I came away with these not so little beauties in return. Not from my Sisters own […]

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