Last night’s dinner.

March 14, 2008

Last night’s dinner, a ChickPea and Green Bean Curry.


I was going to save you some, by the time I remembered you, this was all that was left!

There wasn’t even any rice left to photograph 🙂

Morning moan

March 14, 2008

Our quarterly BT bill dropped on the mat this morning.

Total cost of calls £0.16 (3 calls!)

Total bill including line rental and VAT £33.15

Do need to say more?

Todays soup

March 13, 2008

1 Large Carrot diced, about the same amount of Swede, 2 large sticks of Celery de-stringed and chopped and 1 large Onion chopped. Fry the whole lot off slowly in a tablespoon of olive olive along with a couple of peeled cloves of Garlic, it will be about 45 mins for everything to soften nicely. You’ll now want to add about a litre of water or stock, I used the stock saved from boiling a gammon, you might have to make do with stock cubes.

Todays Soup 1

Its going to look something like this after simmering for around 45 mins, now taste and add some fresh ground pepper and any other spices you’d like. I cant let you in on my own preferred blend of spices or I’d have to kill you 🙂

Todays Soup 2

Stick it in the blender or use one of those fancy stick blender things and, voila!

Todays Soup 3

All thats left to do is enjoy.

PS, one of team, the lovely Luke, brought in some Indian Egg Fried Rice today so (after eating tons of that) I shared my soup with the team. The verdict? Fantastic flavour if a bit thick in consistency, I agree, I’d dilute it if it was meant to be served to others but I like it thick, that way I dont eat bread with it, its more filling and possibly healthier too 🙂

Torremolinos pics

March 12, 2008

We got back from Torremolinos on Monday, the weather was fantastic and we all had a great time. Here’s a couple of pics to enjoy.

TorremolinosMar2k8 004

TorremolinosMar2k8 141

These 2 ladies may have also had a great time but they will be regretting being around me and my shameful lack of camera restraint.

TorremolinosMar2k8 033

TorremolinosMar2k8 041

Watch out if you see me poking my camera in your direction!!

(more) News from my hometown.

March 4, 2008

You might remember previous news from my hometown, in which the shameful residents urged a fellow to jump from a tall building.

I was surprised to hear Mexborough mentioned on BBC breakfast this morning and to hear that they had closed the railway station.

It seems that a “Trail of blood found near railway” brought the place to a stand-still.

No further details are forthcoming at this time.

I do know that the station is open again now, my brother caught the train this afternoon to get to our house.

In the morning we are all going to Spain for a few days, so I’ll catch up when I get back.

See you all soon 🙂

Guessed where?

March 4, 2008

I’ll put you out of your misery, that is all 3 of you that answered. Here is a another shot of the same scene, showing a little more of the surrounds.

Bradford 009

Karl was pretty spot on mentioning the curries, I think he knew but didnt want to spoil it for everyone else.

It is of course a shot of Bradford taken from the window of my hotel room in the Hilton.

Prague indeed, the Bradford tourist board will no doubt be pleased!

Piss up in a brewery.

March 2, 2008

We went on a tour of a local brewery on Saturday night.

I can confirm that it was well organised and a very enjoyable evening was had by all.

That is all.