This week I’m annoyed about….. Or, how I learned to blog again!

Every day over the last week I’ve sat down to write something in my blog, each time I’ve ended up with a half written draft that went nowhere.

Here, for your viewing pleasure are some of those snippets, I’m not editing or making sense of the junk. So please excuse the typos, revel in the chronologically disjointed commentary and try not to judge me!

Plastic carrier bags.

Tv reports going on and and on about the harm that plastic bags are doing to the envoirnment. For fucks sake, plastic carrier bags are not evil!! If they are really that bothered why not all switch to that bio degradeable corn starch material that coop use? It breaks down in a couple of years, I know it works I’ve seen it happen. Also, if I didnt get free carrier bags to use as bin liners for my kitchen bin, I’d have to by bin liners, net result? no saving!


People actually believe in creationism. WTF is that all about? Religion was a good way of imposing a moral code back in ancient times. It has no place in a modern, enlightened, technologically advanced world. There is no God, it a made up thing, no more real than the tooth fairy. I participate in an online q&a blog thing, they post random questions and the readers give their answers, its a bit of fun. One of yesterdays quesion was about how we got here, all the answers involved a belief in creationism. You can guess that the majority playing the game are americans.

Penis envy.

I hope not, but speaking of feeling inadequete, did you see that penis thing on the telly last night? Who knew there were so many people out there, all hung up about the size of their cock? I mean some of them were tiny but what can you do about it?
That cutting the ligaments surgery looked pretty crap and those liposuction in reverse ops are just plain nasty. For me, I think the look is more important than the size, I mean have you ever been presented with something that is benter than the average banana? Not a good look, or how about the ones where the foreskin wont pull back because its too tight. I could go on, the list of RTA cocks is endless, but I’ll leave it there. I’m quite happily in the average range, but I’m also very happy to report that (in my opinion) I’m perfectly formed. I’m not really sure where I’m going with this, something about if its average but perfectly formed why mess about with it?

Neighbours bin bad.

We have new neighbours again, the last lot didnt stay long, couldnt even have been 6 months this time. Her boyfriend hadnt been seen for a few weeks so I’m guessing she gave the lease up early. The new lot have pissed me off already, when they brought their wheelie bin in on Thurday morning they took ours instead of their own. It only has our house number on the top! Oh yeah and they have a barking dog and will probably be throwing dog poo in the wheelie bin that is actually ours! Why does that piss my off?

Jesus Cries when You Touch Yourself!

2 Responses to This week I’m annoyed about….. Or, how I learned to blog again!

  1. Ms Mac says:

    You’re right. Bin bags are not evil but their use could be reduced considerably. What annoys me about the plastic bags is that the supermarkets all want us to stop using them but are not prepared to lower the prices in accordance. The use of the plastic bags is factored into the cost so if you don’t take them at the checkout then there should at least be some discount. Same as when you use self service checkout and letting the supermarket off the hook for the staff.

    Creationism and creationists baffles me. Have you been to Conservapedia yet? It’s pretty good for a laugh once you’ve got over the initial shock.

    I don’t have penis envy. I always think that the ligament cutting would make things a bit wobbly and perhaps even put a bloke at risk of a broken willie. Ouch!

    Bins and their contents have always been contentious. Why are people so touchy about their bins and their rubbish? I don’t know but I suffer from it as well.

    Ms Mac’s last blog post..Exciting Biscuit News!

  2. Jonathan says:

    I must say I enjoyed this pot pourri of blog rejects!

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and make Jesus weep! 🙂

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