Foodie stuff from the last week.

I love nosing around the foreign food sections in the local supermarkets, in the past these have been mostly Indian, Chinese and West Indian foods. I’m not talking about the aisle with the Sharwoods or the Vesta prawn curry, I’m talking about the tiny section of shelves that have the authentic stuff, packets of Dosa mix or Urad dal, Jerk seasoning, fish sauce and every type of lentil you can imagine.

I know the recent influx of migrants from Eastern Europe isnt everyones favourite topic, but lets not dwell on that. I for one am pretty happy that the supermarkets are catering for them 🙂 There is, it seems, a never ending array of different Polish, Czech and even Bulgarian beers to try and believe me I’m trying! I’m also loving some of their spicy sausage products.

I was most pleased to come across these packet soups on the Polish bit, reduced from 20p each to OMG I love a bargain, only 10p each. I had no idea what they were but a little translation sticker on each packet gave a helping hand in this direction, “I can always check the Internet when I get home” I thought and that clinched it. So apparently I have Barszcz Czerwony, Barszcz Biaty and Zurek which all promise to be delicious 🙂

It just struck me that when the Marvellous Ms.Mac is talking about finding McVities biscuits in the village of the damned, she is doing something similar but she is the ex-pat and maybe its her neighbours that are getting excited about the foreign food!

Barszcz Czerwony Biaty Zurek 004

For dinner last Friday, I knocked up a rather quick and easy pasta number. Tricolor Fusili, some lightly steamed green beans, a jar of red Pesto, a can of Tuna and some shavings of good strong mature Cheddar. Delicious!

Tuna Red Pesto Pasta 003

It was so tasty and filling that there was a good portion left over. Even as I was eating this for dinner I was planning what to do with the leftovers 🙂 So, on Saturday morning I boiled up a couple of eggs and left them to cool and made some toast. Put it all together and we had the most fantastic brunch dish, hearty, filling and sooo tasty!

Tuna Red Pesto Pasta Eggs 004

On Bank Holiday Monday just gone, I popped over to my Sisters to drop off that Monitor and the Easter eggs for the boys and I came away with these not so little beauties in return. Not from my Sisters own Ducks, they have Hens, but they do swaps with the Duck owners on the next allotment.

Duck Eggs

The big question what to do with them? Well, we put our heads together and came up with a Frittata / Spanish Omelette, or at least my take on one anyway.

Duck Egg Spanish Omelette 003

I can tell you that despite looking a little overdone, it was jolly tasty, I even had a slice left over to take to work as a mid-morning snack.

Duck Egg Spanish Omelette 005

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  1. Jo says:

    That frittata looks yummy – I’m off to raid the fridge ;o)

    Jo’s last blog post..The female of the species is more deadly than the male

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