All wrapped up.

I saw a trailer on TV tonight, a Cutting Edge show called Cotton Wool Kids, something about killing kids with kindness or something.

It got me thinking about how things how things have changed over the years. A colleague recently told me a tale of her daughter having a bit of a strop after a bit of wet water was spilt on her jeans. When I was a kid, somewhere around the 80’s, if it rained in the morning I still had to walk to school. I’d then most likely have wet trousers and blazer and just have to put up with it until I dried out.

A day or two afterwards, I was talking to another colleague and in the course, we landed on the topic of his childhood. He arrived from Africa into the UK aged 4, and over several years his family came back together, each taking their own journey to freedom and (some) normality. The most disturbing thing is that he remembers saying to his mum, “If its a war going on, why are people sleeping in the road?”

I’m sure you can guess why he thought they were sleeping.

In conclusion, watching stupid programmes made by idiots about how difficult things are in the UK, just makes me angry.

2 Responses to All wrapped up.

  1. Ms Mac says:

    I know. I often think the entire world is coming to an end if my dishwasher is not working. Then someone will remind me of little babies being raped in Africa because of a superstition about having sex with virgins rids you of AIDS and I have a bit of a rethink.

    It all has to be put into perspective sometimes.

    Plus, I used to have to walk to school, barefoot, 3 miles uphill there AND back with only a lump of rat poison in my belly for breakfast. Kids today just don’t have a clue.

    Ms Mac’s last blog post..Always Take The Camera

  2. Sharon says:

    I agree…but don’t be angry. No matter what the circumstance, there will always be someone , somewhere worse off.

    We react to what is important…or what affects us….not so much others….people usually only campaign about the bad/sad things in the world if they have been touched/affected in some way….that’s just how it is… …if a relative has a RTA and suffers in some way …then it is traumatic…nay devestating them …but others may look and say ….you want to try living with no arms or legs….etc ..etc..

    People who are too selfish and up their own arses to at least empathise with anothers position/predicament …that’s maddening !

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