Spring clean

I started having a clear out of junk the other day. I began in the spare room, this was just some of stuff from under the bed, bottom of the wardrobe and in a small cupboard.

20 assorted sized jiffy bags, saved for ebay sales.

3 shoe boxes full of bubble wrap, as above.

3 dozen empty DVD cases.

8 assorted sized CD-R cakebox spindle pack thingummys. Yeah, they came in useful.

8 voile curtains that might come in useful, yeah right its been 2 years since we took them down and guess what? No possible use has been found..

Approx 3 years worth of PC Format cover disc CD’s 1999-2001. I have no idea why I thought to save these.

Original, boxed copies of the following games, all on 3.5″ floppy discs

Sim City 2000
Theme Park
Quick Cad

I dont even have a floppy disk drive anymore!

I also listed 8 items on ebay, a couple of SKY receivers, a wireless router and a few other things that should free up some space.

I’ve only scratched the surface, but I think I’ve turned a corner. I didnt feel bad throwing all this stuff out, usually I put it off, telling myself that its all useful stuff. Now I’m thinking, stuff that, if I throw out something I need later, I’ll just buy another one!

Still loads more to do, in fact its just come to me that I could do a book giveaway, last year Lezzles was kind enough to send me a book during her clear out. I’m totally going to do the same, give me a minute to go gather some books and I’ll post a list.

The only place I draw the line is my Heinlein book collection, I positively refuse to part with them!

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