Life begins at…….

… well, in this case, 40.

You are probably thinking “That’s great Andy, but what are you ranting about now?”

Take a closer look, go on, I’ll wait.

Did you spot it? Yes, thats right, they’ve gone and spelt “begins” with an extra g. Can you credit it? These are professional printing types who certainly should know better!

3 Responses to Life begins at…….

  1. Ms Mac says:

    You really should be complaining to your friends who sent the invitation, Andy. Keep your standards high. Boycott the party if you have to!

    Ms Macs last blog post..A Quick Video

  2. Lesley says:

    Begars belief.

    Lesleys last blog post..Footwear

  3. Michael says:

    I think they meant Begging, as that would make more sense wouldn’t it?

    Michaels last blog post..A New Lip Dub – See You Again – Miley Cyrus

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