An open letter to the NSPCC.


Thanks for your letter dated May 2008, you really didn’t need to write to thank me for my donation. Oh, I see, you didn’t write for that reason alone, but rather to ask for more money. You’ll remember that I began making my monthly donation in response to one of your Television appeal broadcasts. If I recall correctly you said, “We need you to donate this small amount and to keep on donating this small amount each month.”

Now, it seems, this small amount isn’t enough and you’ve quite regularly been sending these letters asking for more money. I do appreciate that ending cruelty to children is going to take a lot of time, effort and money. I also appreciate you keeping me informed of “Chloe’s” story via the enclosed booklet.

You may find this mean-spirited of me, but I don’t care and I’m going to ask anyway. How much did it cost you to send me this letter?

I mean really, how much? Lets see, postage of initial envelope, 2 sheets of A4, a freepost return envelope and a booklet of 4 pages on 5″x7″ card. I’m guessing that with bulk discounts for printing, design and postage it probably still comes in around 40 pence.

Now I’m wondering how much of my monthly donation is spent on sending out letters. Letters asking for more money from people that are probably already giving what they feel they can afford. How much of my monthly donation is left over to be used to help stop child cruelty?

I have to tell you, receiving these letters on a regular basis usually make me question the value of making my donation in the first place. I’m sure you’ll be horrified to learn that the letters actually make me think about completely cancelling my donation. Oh course I don’t, something inside always says, “think of the children!”

So look guys, you have my email address, why not use that instead? You can send me and all the emails you like. It’s basically free, and you could still send me nice booklets and stories in PDF format or similar and we all win!

How about it?


PS, Don’t get me wrong, I still believe you do a great job and are a very worth cause, that’s why I’m putting this link here so that anyone reading this has an easy way to check out your donation options 🙂

4 Responses to An open letter to the NSPCC.

  1. Karl says:

    Well typed that man!

  2. Ms Mac says:

    That’s one of the reasons that the Red Cross don’t get any of my money. Especially the unsolicited Christmas cards. That and other stuff.

    Ms Macs last blog post..German Words of the Day

  3. Jo says:

    Yes! And don’t send me a free biro that I am supposed to use to fill in the new direct debit form either

    Jo’s last blog post..Unconscious mutterings #279

  4. Andrea says:

    Oh God, I donated to St Judes once and OMG, I haven’t been left alone since! But like you said, I feel bad about canceling my donation so I keep sending them money…. I always think if I do, then one of MY kids will get sick or I will…… and that’ll learn me (as MsMac says!)

    One day a year, one of the major TV channels has a full day of solidly showing children with Cancer and Leukemia and you easily go through 4 boxes of tissues watching it…….

    I haven’t had any free stuff thrown at me yet though……hhhhmmmmmmmm methinks I need to change charity!

    Andreas last blog post..So, Facebook, that character building initiative you have going? How’s that working for ya?…..

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