Last nights dinner, Squid edition.

Calamari coated and fried in my exclusive secret coating mix, served with potato and a fantastic beetroot salad.
Calamari 005
Here is the Calamari sitting in my exclusive secret coating mix, waiting to be fried.
Calamari 004

5 Responses to Last nights dinner, Squid edition.

  1. Stella says:

    Corr! That looks delicious, Andy.

    Are you sure the coating is a secret? How secret?

    Stellas last blog post..New Firing Line: Starbucks in the Crosshairs

  2. Jonathan says:

    What’s in the exclusive secret coating mix!?

    Come on, you can tell us!

  3. andy says:

    Ok, I’ll tell, there is flour (two kinds, only one is wheat), and some spices, its good with fish and chicken. What? You wanted the ACTUAL ingredients? I’ll never tell. Though this is mostly because it changes each time I make it 🙂

  4. Jo says:

    Only one is wheat, so some cornflour then? Like tempura? No? YEs?

  5. andy says:

    Ok, I’ll give away just this one more item. The other flour is chickpea flour. You’ll find this in the Indian section of the supermarket, usually called Gram flour. It’s also great for home made bahji or pakora, it has a lovely flavour and it cooks crunchier than wheat flour.

    Now thats it, no more secrets will be revealed!!!

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