Spaghetti Pavarotti: Redux

My version of Spaghetti Pavarotti. I fell in love with this dish when I was working in Bangalore. I was staying in a beautiful hotel, but over the months the menu became quite boring, not this dish though, I never tired of it.

You are probably thinking, why stay in the hotel, well its a good point, we did go out but when you’re staying somewhere for months and working long hours, you’ll find yourself sticking in the hotel as often as you go out.

SpaghettiPavarotti 003

So, its King prawns, thrown in at the last minute to avoid shrinkage, squid rings and chunks of both smoked and un-smoked Cod. The sauce is a medium onion, 2 cloves of garlic, finely choppped parsley and a tin of tomatoes, all cooked down for 20 minutes, very simple and very tasty.

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