Surprise! I bought some shoes :-)

It’s been, by my reckoning, 4 months since I bought any new trainers. Hurrah for the Internet, these lovely items were delivered yesterday!

VintageTurfBrown 007

The best shoe I’ve seen in ages and I fell in love with them on first sight, imagine how much I love Paul, then times it by 14 when you discover that I put my own wishes aside and ordered these in Pauls size!

VintageTurfRWB 003

Same shoe different colour.

PumaBasket 008

In a major departure from my beloved Adidas, I ordered these Puma shoes and I really like them, very simple, very retro, I love the see-through bumper strip. I’m not always happy in a shoe with a flat sole but these feel nice.

I’m feeling like a very happy and a very lucky boy.

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