Paul’s version of Hotpot. Lamb, carrot and onion, topped with potato slices and baked. I cant tell you all the ingredients as Paul is keeping some secrets, but let me tell you, it was de—-lish!!

HotPot 008

Of course, what did I want to accompany this with? Of course, its MUSHY PEAS!!

This is also a practice post for a NaBloPoMo thing, have you heard of it before? This is what Jo over at Chez le laquet had to say,

So I’m going for a NaBloPoMo this coming month. A photo NaBloPoMo. A photo-post a day through the month of July to try and hold off the decline for a little while. Will I manage it?? I seriously doubt it to be honest. **stalks off to look inspiration** Oooh and the NaBloPoMo theme is food – that bit I can do, honest!!

I thought I could give this a go too, so throughout July expect a picture post a day with a foodie theme, think I can keep it up?
Visit NaBloPoMo

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