Curry club

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day4

On Thursday we ummmed and arrrred about going out for dinner, but eventually I wore him down 🙂

So, where to go on a Thursday evening? Of course, it has to be Curry Club 🙂

If you’ve been here before you’ll have already seen the Royal Tali that I have already enjoyed at Curry Club. I’m not one to stick to the same thing every time, in fact given enough visits I like to try everything on a menu. The last time we went I orderd the Malaysian Beef Rendang and was totally disappointed to find that it wasnt available that evening.

On this visit I thought to try again, so when I got to the bar, I ordered Paul’s food first then paused! I trepidated a little and then I said, nay burted, “Malaysian Beef Rendang please.”

The barman looked at me then looked at his touch screen thingey and said “ok, what drink would you like with that?”

My brain was processing slowly, had he said ok? As in, we have this available tonight? He did, didn’t he? He’s cute isnt he, not like the tall one! What’s he saying, something about not having a pen to sign the card transaction slip? He keeps apologising, how cute. He’s offering me a big fat marker pen, would I try signing with this? Did he brush my hand a little too long as he proffered the big fat marker pen in a fist? Ahem, sorry, I got distracted (did I get a photo of him?)

Back to business, the food arrived shortly after, sorry the photo is a bit rubbish, I was half way down my third pint :-:

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day4

The sauce was excellent, the beef a little overcooked but overall an excellent value for money meal. You wont find a meal like this for £5.59 in many places, espacially when you remember that it comes with a pint .

My pint would have cost £2.29 so the meal was only £3.30! It makes me think that its not worth lighting the oven at home 🙂

For your further pleasure I present the Pub in question ……


The former Sheffield Water Works company.

2 Responses to Curry club

  1. Jo says:

    Our nearest JDW is just too far for me to have the 3rd pint – looks lovely :o)

    Jos last blog post..With Simon to cook for me

  2. Karl says:

    Love the “distracted by barman” story!

    Karls last blog post..Six Word Memoir

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