Canned crab flakes, the verdict

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day5

For lunch yesterday I had a pasta and bean salad with crab flakes. I prepared it in the morning and as you can see I ate it for lunch at work.

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day5

It was very simple, I boiled up a handful of both wholewheat and tricolor fusili, roughly chopped a couple of inches of cucumber, half a yellow pepper and half a red onion.

Its a bit of a cheat recipe really, I opened a can of mixed bean salad, kidney bean, black-eye bean, borlotti beans, navy-pea bean, chick pea, green bean, sweetcorn and diced red pepper. In fact this can is all you really need the extra are just a nice to have.

Next was a can of crab meat flakes, drained and spread over the top.

When I was ready to eat, I added a squirt of mayonnaise and pepper and gave it a good mix.

Simple and delicious 🙂

As for canned crab flakes, the verdict? not as good as proper creab meat chunks, I’ll give it only 60% good 😦

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